The most important lesson I’ve learned in college is that I cannot solely rely on an institution to provide all the skills and knowledge required for my future career plans.  With the intention to study media, I sought out to find a summer internship to understand more on how organizations utilize video marketing content to create effective marketing strategies.

My interest for video marketing content developed after interviewing for a video editor position at a local tax firm.  The firm’s CEO wanted to produce tax preparation videos as a business development tactic to acquire new clients. This is when I realized the importance of video marketing content and how presenting valuable information will build trust among clients and convert new business.

After months of searching, I was presented with the opportunity to do a summer internship for MultiVision Digital, one of the top New York City video production companies.

During my internship, I’m happy to say that I have received a great amount of experience working in an active business environment alongside Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital, and his fellow associates.

My first assignment was to upgrade the company’s video thumbnails on YouTube for an educational series of B2B video marketing tips known as MultiVision Minutes. I incorporated thumbnail designs that were captivating enough to deliver the message of each video in a straight-forward manner. The assignment was related to the idea of how ‘less is more,’ considering the objective of each one of the B2B video marketing tips and emphasizing the most amount of information using as few words as possible. 

My exposure to the YouTube channel allowed me to understand more about the types of industries MultiVision Digital provides professional commercial video production for, including Accounting, Finance, Healthcare, Legal, and Manufacturing. I was impressed with how commercial video production spanned such a wide range of business objectives.  For example, there were promotional videos that focused on sales, business culture, recruitment, client-based testimonies and more. A few of these promotional videos that stuck out for me were – 

Each of these promotional videos featured a person and directly addressed the business’ target message related to their service, product functionality, culture or FAQs. What was so great about these promotional videos was how they created a trustworthy and interpersonal relationship with the audience. Commercial video production provides an easy outlet for companies to showcase their people, projects, facility and products that allow buyers to make quick informed decisions.

While tending to my assignments, I was also able to listen to sales conversations that brought a better understanding of how a sales process is executed. I took notice as to how many of these calls were follow-ups to previous conversations held at networking conventions with other member attendants. Derek Perrucci, a Video Content Specialist, handled many of these calls professionally by creating awareness and interest for B2B video marketing

MultiVision Digital’s philosophy is that every client interaction should build trust and credibility, thus many of these sales calls centered around creating positive long-term ROI value.  Even if it was the first time a business was considering video marketing content they were directed to the B2B video marketing tips page on MultiVision Digital’s website.  With this, MultiVision Digital emphasized the value of commercial video production, displaying a sense of professionalism, confidence, and education within the business world.  It is probably one of the reasons why they are one of the top New York City video production companies.

I was also able to take part in and experience the making of commercial video production.  Some of these video production shoots included SWEET Institute, Commercial Observer, and Societe Generale.  Through the guidance of Matteo Belletta, a staff video producer at MultiVision Digital, I had a great time and gained experience in operating lighting equipment, monitoring audio, and got to cameo as a background actor for certain scenes. It was humbling to shake hands with our clients, hear about their backgrounds and their reasons for investing in B2B video marketing.

Multivision Digital has provided a wonderful experience that has made this summer educationally fulfilling as I experienced one of the top New York City video production companies. Each assignment and project has taught me something valuable and I was happy to contribute new ideas to this company.

I would like to thank Robert for offering me the chance to intern for his company and extend my appreciation to Jeremy Levy, Eduardo Vianna, and Jodi Weiss for their assistance with my assignments. This team was a pleasure to work with and I wish the future of Multivision Digital to be bright.

See you in front of the camera. 

~Benjamin Kahan