Buyers’ behaviors have changed, making B2B video  marketing content strategy important.

This animated video production showcases the importance of professional online video marketing for B2B marketers.  A planned and professional video content marketing strategy can really affect different metrics. They impact the same metrics that you have up and down the sales cycle.  As the video suggests “some would argue it is not a sales cycle any longer but rather a buying cycle”.

Check out this Star Wars inspired animated video production and leave your comments below –

The reason why professional video production services is important for B2B marketers and sales managers is because business decision makers LOVE B2B video marketing content.  So, video content marketing gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time and is a serious tool for generating qualified leads and enabling sales to close deals.

Which makes sense when 70% of B2B marketers claim that B2B video marketing content performs better than other content to drive action and producing conversions at all points of the sales and marketing funnel. (Vidyard / Demand Metric Benchmark Study)

Moreover, even in traditional industries, like financial services companies, accounting and legal, are finding that online video content marketing is a powerful tool for their marketing objectives. Furthermore, The Financial Brand reported professional video production services as being “Perhaps the most dynamic tactic within a digital strategy.”

What is even more astonishing is what happens when B2B video marketing content is on a web page. PageWiz reports that “60% of visitors will click to watch the video before ever reading a word.”

Impact of a Thoughtful Video Content Marketing Strategy

A sound video content marketing strategy, using a mix of professional video production services and in-house resources, will differentiate your business from all the competitors and will positively affect every aspect of your marketing.  From

  • Branding and awarenessvideo_span_4yrs
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • eMail marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Landing page conversion
  • Mobile marketing
  • Driving sales

Which makes it easy to understand why marketers and owners and small business of all kinds are increasing their video content marketing budgets…with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

In conclusion, your buyer’s behavior has changed forever. So, is your business ready for video??? Your customers are!

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