You can make the best video content worldwide, but without utilizing SEO best practices, it won’t matter. SEO practices help all public online content stand out and receive traffic from search engines like Google. With more and more companies relying on videos for marketing content, understanding SEO for video advertising is crucial.

These days, videos for marketing and search engine optimization are critical to the success of many businesses. Video content is the preferred medium for most consumers, while SEO is the key to online visibility. So how do businesses combine these two keys to achieve the best results? There are a lot of strategies that can be used to optimize your video content online. 

Compelling Videos for Marketing: SEO Best Practices

Title Optimization

One of the keys to SEO is understanding how to leverage user search intent to your benefit. The Google results on searches for “Ice cream” and “How to make ice cream” are incredibly different. This is because the search engine’s algorithms understand that each search’s intent is different. The first search will yield results for ice cream shops in the area and general information about ice cream products. The latter search will lead the user directly to links providing ice cream recipes and instructions on how to make them. 

You can see similar results for any search query online. Key descriptors can be added to any search to add specificity. Search engines are constantly adapting to understand user intent better.

Video for marketing title optimization

When it comes to video advertising, title optimization is key to standing out. Give your videos a title that fits their likely search intent. Instructional videos should always have variations of “How to…” in their title, for instance. You don’t want your video title to be too vague or non-descriptive. This will cause the search engine to struggle to index your content properly. A vague title will always lose out on a SERP to one that properly matches search intent.

On the other hand, an overly-descriptive title can cause your video to become too niche. This problem is less common, though, as most professional videos tend to have shorter titles anyway. But it is an important lesson to have in mind when titling your video content.

Use Transcripts

While search engine algorithms have become highly advanced, they still struggle at indexing complete video content. Search engines can analyze metadata and user interaction with your page. But the video itself is a different story. There is simply less content in a video for the search engine’s crawlers to work with.

An effective way around this problem is to use video transcripts for your page. Creating transcripts gives search engine crawlers more relevant content they need for your video content. This gives you a greater chance to stand out on specific keyword searches and helps the algorithm better understand your video’s intent.

Provide Opportunities for Engagement

One of the key things that Google’s algorithms look for in 2022 is user engagement. A high volume of clicks and page views is a recipe for SEO success. A page that receives many views but low levels of engagement will score lower in SEO rankings. 

You want engaging video content. This gives the audience opportunities to interact; when making videos for marketing, this often means having a compelling hook early in your video. If you can attract the viewer’s attention immediately, they will stay on the page longer.

video content web traffic

Opportunities to interact with the content can also be significant in generating traffic and boosting your SEO ranking. Provide links to Next Step pages for your videos to follow after they’ve watched your content. The more users engage with your carrier, the higher your content will rank on search engine queries.

SEO Video for Marketing: Research Competitors and Keywords

Capitalizing on trends and optimizing keywords are basic concepts when it comes to SEO. But how do you stay up to date on these trends? By staying proactive and doing keyword research within your industry. There are many SEO tools you can use to research keywords and keep an eye on your competition. This lets you strategize about what kind of video content you should plan for and produce in the future.

Don’t Ignore the Thumbnail

Your video’s thumbnail should not be an afterthought when you’re trying to stand out. We are always told not to judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, that’s not how SEO works. Your video’s thumbnail is its cover, and it’s often very important in SEO.

This is because a compelling thumbnail can play a big role in attracting users to your content. As we have already covered, user engagement is a huge part of your SEO score.

You don’t need a complex or overly-stylized thumbnail. In fact, simple designs are often better for drawing in views than complicated ones. Bold colors, prominent text, and a single compelling image or logo are often all you need. A strong thumbnail paired with a good hook at the start of your video is a great recipe for optimized video advertising content.

video content thumbnail

Use Multiple Channels

This is relatively simple, but it is a crucial step. The more channels you use to distribute your video content, the greater chance you will have to reach a wider audience. Distributing videos for marketing is a fundamental part of a successful campaign. Thus, the more distribution channels you have, the better your videos will perform.

The wider your audience, the higher your video will score in SEO rankings. However, you should be careful not to use the same video on multiple landing pages on your website. This can make it difficult for search engine crawlers to understand your video’s intent. Instead, you should use multiple platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to distribute your content.

Professional Agency for Video Advertising

For many modern companies across industries, video advertising is the most crucial part of their marketing strategy. Utilizing someone within the industry can help to create a more professional video quality.  MultiVision Digital’s broad offering of video production services and portfolio speaks to the vision and guidance that our team can provide. We are a video production company in NYC with experience helping companies in a variety of industries.

Professional Agency

MultiVision Digital is always looking for ways to optimize content for our clients. Professional video production services are about more than just producing high-quality videos. Our job also includes ensuring that your videos reach the broadest possible audience. That means we work to stay up to date on all the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization. That way, we can deliver better results for all of our clients.

At MultiVision, we pride ourselves not only on our video production itself but also on our ability to help clients maximize their potential. Our team will work with you to capitalize on the latest SEO trends in your industry with our experience-based feedback. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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