If you’ve started working with video production companies and are ready to have a video strategy, read further.  This blog post discusses a methodology to help you get started with aligning your video content marketing budget towards a long-term video strategy focused on your business objectives.

The First Steps

It’s crucial to start with your business objectives. Look at your entire organization across your marketing, sales support, and different products. Look at the trade shows you’re going to go to and the industries that you’re in. Explore HR and recruiting if that’s important to you. Start to look at all those different business objectives that you have before moving forward with producing business video content with a promotional video company.

The second step is to take those business objectives and start evaluating content and concepts. Try to integrate and match them with the budget you have. The reality is you may have some great ideas, but they might not be executable within the budget parameters that are established for your marketing video production strategy.

The third step is to lock down the content of those executable concepts. Make sure that the messaging of those individual videos matches up with the sales or marketing support points. This consistency in messaging is important to achieve your long-term video strategy.

The next piece is planning the logistics and executing the shoot. This entails having your promotional video company plan for every single part of the pre-production, the production, and post-production. This way you have packaged videos ready to go for your video strategy.

Later Stages Towards Business Objectives

Afterwards, integrate those video deliverables into your marketing video production process. Work with a single marketing person or marketing team to help them through a video first strategy. This will allow them to become more productive in their content marketing efforts. On the other hand, maybe it’s a large organization, and you are working with the marketing communications people by helping them with that cultural shift to make sure that their web teams, their email teams, their social media and their SEO teams can use that business video content towards the objectives that they set out.


Finally, focus on monitoring and adapting. Video is digital content. There’re so many metrics that you can look at to make better decisions. Obviously this occurs after you restart the process by refocusing on what business objectives are important to you. This list is fairly generic and represents a general overview of aligning a long-term video strategy with your corporate objectives.

So, if you need some help creating a long term and sustainable business video strategy, pick up the phone and give us a call.  We will work with you and ensure a strategic, personalized approach to integrating video into your content marketing and sales process. We’ll be seeing you in front of the camera.