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How long should your online video production be?

In this Video marketing tip, Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital, a New York City Online Website Video Marketing Services and Online Video Production Company specializes in developing video content marketing strategies to increase sales, lead generation, and client loyalty, discusses the optimal length of an online business video production.


A lot of people talk about the length of a web video production, that you don’t want a really long video, but you don’t want something too short.

How long do people actually watch a corporate video production or a YouTube video production?

Are they going to sit and watch a 30-minute corporate video production or is it going to be like a 2-minute web video production?

Well, what we suggest to our clients, never make your corporate video production longer than it should be, number one.

So, get the point across.

A web video production that is made for lead-generation, like a landing page, needs to be kind of quick, whereas a corporate video production that is maybe post-presentation is very different.

Some sales cycles are very long. An E-commerce product video for example, that should be a quick video, whereas an enterprise level sales-cycle about a technology for example, you may have a 5-minute business video of your product manager explaining why they developed a certain piece of functionality and why that use case is so critical to a specific industry.