Are you creating video content for LinkedIn?  If so, what does your LinkedIn video marketing strategy look like?  Or are you still thinking about ways how to create videos for LinkedIn?  With 70% of marketers noting that LinkedIn is one of the most trusted sources of information*, if you are serious about moving up in LinkedIn’s algorithms, then creating video content for LinkedIn needs to be a priority for you.

Social media video for LinkedIn is like algorithm candy…for LinkedIn, every other social media platform and search engines too BTW!  WHY?  The main role of these platforms’ service is to provide the best information to their customers… and video gives us the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

While video is good for search engines and social media platforms, its good for the creator as well.  A well-crafted video drives core business objectives like no other marketing medium and drives action and engagement in every stage of the marketing and sales funnel.  I guess that is why Wordstream reported that 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the BEST ROI!


And even in a COVID-19 economy, you can still safely and remotely keep creating video content for LinkedIn.  Remote video production services like Remote Video Capture allows you to retain a professional direction so you don’t have to know everything about how to create videos for LinkedIn.  But regardless of using a remote video production service or doing it yourself, social media video for LinkedIn needs to be part of your B2B marketing strategy. That’s because video is better than text or images to build relationships with your connections to build the know, like and trust factor, which the #1 reason why anyone is on LinkedIn.

How to create videos for LinkedIn – getting started

Laurel Carpenter, Co-Founder of Pearl Consulting NYC knows a few things about how to create videos for LinkedIn that build the know, like and trust factor. Since Laurel’s LinkedIn video marketing strategy has generated her leads and business,  she has a few tips on how to create effective LinkedIn videos:

  1. Focus on one core service you want to showcase
  2. Write down no more than three simple, digestible points about that service
  3. Tell a good story illustrating how you provided that service

Laurel notes that in addition to closed business, “the video produced more engagement than anything else we have ever done.”  When you have a LinkedIn video marketing strategy in place, video content will be integrated into your feed more often.  You’ll have a better chance of reaching more people, building your authority, and driving more leads.


James Miller, Founder of the nationwide networking company Network After Work, noted this as well “Video takes priority placement in LinkedIn’s algorithms and 87% of people who are creating video content for LinkedIn video have said it is a useful tool.”

There are many different types of videos you can create for a sound LinkedIn video marketing strategy. But they should all be focused on making you an influencer in your industry.

Ideas for Creating Video Content for LinkedIn

When you think about how to create video content for LinkedIn, a good way to start is to think about your current business communications.  Here are some ideas for creating video content for LinkedIn that you would want to create to reach your LinkedIn video marketing strategy goals –

Videos responding to comments on your posts

One of the most amazing things that LinkedIn gives you when you post is questions / feedback from your network and beyond.  If you LISTEN, you will find gold in these comments.  Use these questions to make videos…. because if one person has questions about what you do, then chances are someone else will as well. Here is an example of video that was made based upon an answer to a question from one of our posts.

Thought Leadership / Subject Matter Expert Videos

Have some valuable information to share, a technical document or industry research? These are great thought leadership / subject matter expert videos.  Get a camera in front of someone on your team and have them talk about it.  Struggling on how to create video for LinkedIn during COVID?  Remote Video Production is GREAT for creating professional B2B LinkedIn videos during COVID.

Bruce Segall, President, Marketing Sense for B2B LinkedIn Marketing and Training advises his clients that “a short snippet of yourself talking on an area of your expertise and share that video with your network” can be an HIGHLY EFFECTIVE way to build influence.

Asking questions

Since video is more engaging, it’s a great way to ask questions and explain why you are asking that question. When you do, people will be more engaged with the post, give comments and boost your algorithm authority.  Segall again notes that “Video shares gain more engagement than other types of LinkedIn posts. When you post video for the first time, you’ll likely hear from people who haven’t responded to your other posts.

Segments from Webinars and Podcasts

LinkedIn is not the place where people go to look for long form content like a webinar or podcast.  Nevertheless, you can still take some short 30-60-90 second nuggets from your webinar and/or podcast and post them on LinkedIn. These are great ways to build your algorithm ranking and drive traffic back to the longer form content

Let’s not forget about optimizing video for mobile!

A constant flow of LinkedIn video will make you stand out in your network and in the eyes of LinkedIn’ algorithms.  Influencer MarketingHub published that LinkedIn videos can get 5X more engagement**. While that might not seem like a lot, over time and with consistency those little increases in engagement add up to be a lot! And because most people are using their mobile over time lets not forget about creating videos for your LinkedIn video marketing strategy that are optimized for mobile.


Stefanie Marrone, a Fractional Marketing Director & Social Media Strategist, underscores the need to create a mobile optimized video “the days when people are sitting at their desktops are gone, irrespective of generations, people are on LinkedIn on their mobile device.

When you are creating video content for LinkedIn you should create it for both desktop and mobile. This will take a bit of post-production editing work, but will be a much better experience for people. This extra effort will drive up your views and comments.

Don’t forget captions.

While you don’t need to use captions for every type of video on LinkedIn, there are many type of LinkedIn videos that having captions are a must.  These are for your thought leadership / subject matter expert videos. Your thought leadership / subject matter expert videos should have captions because these types of videos are chock-full of valuable information that is mostly driven by a talking head vs. visual imagery.

Captions are important as the sound is muted as people scroll the social feed…and many users don’t click to un-mute the video.  Marrone adds the need for captions as “people skim, and captions enable people to decide if it is worth the time to watch by seeing the message.”

Why you need a LinkedIn Video Marketing Strategy

With a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions reporting that 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation and that 62% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn successfully generates leads, if you want to be taken seriously on this platform, you need to show your audience that you are indeed an expert in your field. And in today’s, and tomorrow’s, market place, video is what people are watching first.

Either by hiring a video production company, shooting remote video production with Remote Video Capture or doing it yourself, with a LinkedIn video marketing strategy in place, you can create video content that demonstrates your knowledge of your specific industry….and isn’t THAT what professionals get paid for.

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