Only a handful of years ago, the use of drone videos for corporate video production projects were prohibitive for most companies.  You had to rent a helicopter or purchase stock footage online. Fortunately, those days are gone with the advent of reliable and affordable drones.

Drone videos open up an entirely new world of potential for your website promotional video project. Not only are aerial shots stunning and beautiful, but they’re also more engaging than any other type of cinematography.  Aerial drone videography instills viewers with a sense of awe and wonder about the content they’re watching.  Regardless of the industry or nature of the project, incorporating drone videography is a fantastic idea. Integrate the shots into your website promotional video and they will automatically entice viewers to keep their eyes glued.

No matter your industry, there are awesome applications for drone videos.  For example, if you are a manufacturing company you can incorporate aerial footage of your factory / warehouse. This way we can see your employees working from a different perspective. If you’re a law firm you can establish your corporate video production project with aerial shots of your building or surrounding city.  The investment will keep people watching your website promotional video and your objective reached.

Aerial drone video production footage has an important place in corporate video production because it provides one of the most valuable tools in storytelling.  It introduces the set and setting, giving viewers their very first impression of whatever you’re presenting.  This is the reason professional Hollywood films almost always use aerial drone video production footage in the beginning of a movie or when transitioning to other locations in the story.  It tells viewers to prepare for a new scene and new content for the narrative or establishes the mood at the beginning of the film. In essence, aerial drone videos are both informative and add a “wow” factor to any website promotional video.

How do drone videos convert leads and drive sales?

Finally, you may be thinking that the artistic implications for aerial footage are neat, but you don’t really care. What are the practical benefits of having drone videos? How do they help convert leads, drive sales, and maximize your ROI for your corporate video production project? This is actually quite simple and comes down to three critical benefits:

  • Increasing viewer engagement
  • Increased professionalism
  • Re-usability of footage

Increasing viewer engagement

It is proven that drone videos catch the eye of viewers more than any other type of shot. Therefore, your audience is much more likely to listen/watch more closely to your opening message and watch more of your video. As engagement increases, the likelihood of driving sales and adding to your ROI increases.

Increased professionalism

Despite the availability of aerial drone videos for corporate video production projects, very few businesses actually use them. Drone videos set you apart from the crowd and convey that you mean business. So, you clearly invested a lot and care deeply about how your company’s message is conveyed along with your professional presence in whatever market you’re in.

Re-usability of footage

Unless you’re using aerial cinematography for a very specific, one-time website promotional video project, the re-usability value of the footage is incredibly high. For instance, you can use aerial shots of your company HQ or surrounding city to establish almost any other type of video you may need in the future.  For example, you may have invested in a company overview video that incorporated a drone videos and later on you want to use that same footage to introduce your company’s CEO giving a direct message to consumers.  Perhaps you want thought leadership or FAQ videos and want to make the opening more captivating for viewers. Simply reuse and recycle that same drone videography, into other website promotional video projects to maintain the awe factor.

A drone in action producing drone videos
A Drone In Action

I hope this article has opened your mind to the incredible benefits of using aerial drone video production footage. Remember, it doesn’t matter what your industry is, there’s almost definitely an applicable use for drone videos to help you convert leads and drive sales through viewer engagement in your next corporate video production project.

Are you settting yourself apart from the rest of the pack and give your customers a bird’s-eye view?  Let us know in the comment box below!