High-quality marketing video is integral to the success of any business. Marketing boils down to one thing: Understanding. In order to be successful in video advertising, businesses large and small must have an understanding of how they want to approach their client base, ultimately who they are trying to reach, and that’s how you’ll want to direct a marketing video.

If demographics are understood, the first step toward successful video marketing is understanding what your clients—or potential clients—perceive as a necessity from your business. If that necessity is understood, it’s time to relay information in a digestible, entertaining, and enticing way.

In video marketing, the goal is to capture your audience’s attention. However, the best marketing videos are capable of capturing the attention of those beyond your client base due to their originality, relevance, and perspective. With this in mind, we have devised a list of seven helpful tips to direct a marketing video like a pro. Let’s dive right in!

Start with Your Script for your Video Marketing

Like any blockbuster film, award-winning television show, or film festival winner, video ads also require a script to serve as the backbone of the production, filming, and editing processes. In order for you to direct a marketing video successfully, it needs a well-thought-out script!

Not only will your script guide the shooting process, but it also aids in determining production costs. Those with a minimal budget to spend on production and editing often cut corners to make their scripts work, and will typically fall short in grabbing their audience’s attention and relaying the underlying message. You can avoid overstepping your budget, missing your mark, and ultimately creating an ineffective marketing video; just be considerate in the script-writing process.

To Direct a Marketing Video Like a Pro: Considerate Casting

Okay, so you have your script proofed and ready to go! Now, it’s time to consider who is the best fit for each role in your script. This begins with establishing the voice and tone of your script, and how objectives are accomplished through the relevant conveyance of your message.

To Direct a Marketing Video Like a Pro: Considerate Casting

As it relates to video advertising, the roles of your speaker(s) must attest to the message they are conveying and who the message is being conveyed to. Good casting, especially as it pertains to the demographic of your clientele, is going to play a key role in how effective your message is and how well your audience will receive it. In the casting process, you should always revert back to your customer analytics to determine who best serves as the spokesperson of your message (to your clients).

Location Scouting

Whether your video is animated, live-action, or simply text on-screen, there is much to consider when it comes to the setting of your video. The easiest way to approach this step is to consider the product you offer, its role in the environment, and its role in the daily lives of the consumer. For instance, if your business sells coffee grounds, you’d best reach your consumer by setting your video in a coffee shop; show the process by which your product is made and handed to the consumer—as well as the consumer’s reaction—in that relevant setting.

If your business sells coffee grounds, you probably shouldn’t have your advertisement set in a football stadium. Consider your product and how/where it’s consumed in the script-writing process. However, you should also consider locations that would make your video advertising visually enticing.

Set Design on Your Video Advertising

Now that the setting for your marketing video has been established, you have to consider how the set will speak to the customer. Product placement is especially key in video marketing; the more the merrier. Instilling the face and name of your product in the viewer will make them that much more likely to purchase.

Not only that, but consider the processes of production, transportation, and the application of your product. Also, consider how your business wants to present itself to its client base. The best video ads encompass a company’s mission statement, personality, and goals all in one.

Collaborate with Your Peers

Steve Jobs would remind us that, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” Collaboration is key within your video advertising production team and crew. Whether someone has an opinion about a shot, certain dialogue, setting, or budget constraints, it’s important to hear them out. Rely on the expertise and creativity of your peers, and you might find that there was a puzzle piece missing—one that was never in the box to begin with!

Adhere to Your Video Advertising Budget

The goal of making videos for marketing is to profit. That’s common knowledge. Exceeding your budget not only hinders returns, but it may not even be necessary in the first place. People enjoy simplicity and matter-of-fact marketing. “How will this help me? How much is it? How is it made?” These are the questions that your clients will think to themselves right off the bat—be it subconsciously or purposefully. Answer these questions clearly, but do so in a creative and attention-grabbing way! And, most importantly, keep an eye on your budget.


There’s a reason you’re making a marketing video and not putting an ad in the newspaper; you want your advertising to stand out! But, throughout the writing, production, shooting, and editing processes, keep in mind that you have a budget to stick to. The best way to stick to that budget is to keep simplicity and efficiency at the forefront of your intentions. Relay information about your product or service, but do so in a way that makes financial sense.

Remote Video Capture

Okay, so that’s a lot to take in. Granted, a video advertising can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. However, there are new alternatives to traditional shooting processes. Through our Remote Video Capture alternative to traditional shooting, businesses can work with a production team and crew—without the expenses of video equipment or spending their own time on the project.

With our services, you’ll be able to record 4k video anytime with a smartphone, tablet, or computer—all while under the direction of a professional director. For marketing teams that need service teams across different locations, our solution allows collaboration among multiple users in real-time. After the shoot is complete, we upload the footage to the cloud and begin professional editing processes. Through this cost-effective method, businesses interested in video advertising can save up to 60% off of typical production costs.

Where Do I Start?

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Our team will be happy to work with you every step of the production, adhere to your budget, and offer expertise throughout the process. Submit a free quote request with us. Hundreds of clients before you began enhancing their video marketing by submitting the same request you will.

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