If you work with a video production agency you know that one promotional video is not a corporate video marketing strategy.  But an effective strategy for corporate video production and marketing will help you reach new levels of lead generation, brand awareness, social media engagement and thought leadership.  So, planning for all the different styles and types of promotional videos, like corporate overview videos, customer testimonial videos, product videos, subject matter expert videos and more, that you will need over the next few years needs a strategic approach.

Video builds a personal connection between you and your audience.  Wyzowl’s 2021 report on The State of Video Marketing noted that corporate videos help with core digital marketing objectives like increasing website traffic, converting leads and bringing a high ROI.  So, your first video should not be the last as 86% of businesses already use videos for ongoing marketing objectives.Corporate video marketing

Whether you want to create videos yourself or with the help of a video production agency….or you want videos for brand awareness, lead generation, sales support or recruiting top talent, here are 6 necessary steps for a corporate video marketing strategy.

STEP 1: Focus on your business objectives

One thing that we say a lot at our video production agency is “the first thing to do when thinking about a corporate video production, is to forget about video!” That’s right, it’s not about the video, but about your business objectives.

Thus, the first step to creating a long-term corporate video marketing strategy is to outline and focus on your business objectives. Everything begins with the ultimate business goal you want to achieve with your promotional video content.

For example, maybe your sales and marketing teams are aiming for brand awareness. Maybe you are looking for resources to ease the burden on your support team. Maybe you want to do a new product launch or want to create a special case study.

Your corporate video marketing strategy will vary as per your core business objectives. Make them clear beforehand. Don’t just jump into video creation.

STEP 2: Evaluate executional concepts based on budgetary parameters

All great ideas might not be executable within the budget parameters that you established. So, in step 2, you have to evaluate the concepts as per your budget.

how-much-video-costRegardless of making videos in-house or with a video production agency, there will be time and effort spent. Even the “simpler” promotional video projects, like subject matter expert interviews and customer testimonial videos, need investment.

And because every promotional video project – such as educational videos, animated explainer videos, customer testimonial videos or corporate overview videos – should be different, each will need a different amount of time and money to plan, shoot and edit.

So, bring your team together. Decide on your business priorities and then brainstorm ideas on topics for your corporate video marketing strategy. List out all the topics and decide how your budget will align to creating them.

You might find that some promotional video projects require more investment than others and thus decide to start with other projects. And remember, these investment options relate to both doing video yourself or with a video production agency.

STEP 3: Lock-down content alignment

The next step in building your corporate video marketing strategy is to ensure the messaging of your promotional video projects matches up with the business communication goals of each project.  Since each video will have a different message – think about the difference between customer testimonial videos vs product animated explainer videos – the content of that video should align with the core sales/marketing message.

To hone your specific message, start planning the production by thinking about what you might say to someone.  What would you talk about and what questions would you answer if you were talking to someone. Keep your communication objectives and end goal in mind.video marketing

If you want more information on how important messaging is to your promotional video, check out this blog post titled The Most Overlooked Part of Corporate Video Production. And remember, this applies to both doing video yourself or with a video production agency.

You might feel the need to pack in more information in one video. But don’t. The more the messages in your video, the higher is the risk of failure.  Save that for another video!

STEP 4: Plan and execute logistics for your corporate video marketing

The next step is the planning of the pre-production, the production and the post-production process of your corporate video production. This step is where every part of the production – from locking down the messaging to scheduling the day, to executing the interviews and roll shots should be planned.

If you are working with a video production agency or by yourself, make sure you have plenty of time blocked to prepare, record and edit the content. Because even a “quick” video might take over an hour or more to be recorded successfully.  And once the shoot is complete, you’ll need a skilled editor to adapt the footage into a quality promotional video.  

Now that you have your promotional video ready to go, you’re now ready to move into the next step of your corporate video marketing strategy – start using your video!

STEP 5: Integrate into your sales and corporate video marketing process

Videos on landing pages increase conversion by up to 86%, as per Renderforest, while including videos in emails increases clickthrough rates by up to 300%.  So the next crucial step of your corporate video marketing strategy is to put the produced content into your marketing communications workflow.  As mentioned before, each video production project will align with different business objectives and thus have a different distribution channel that the promotional video goes into.

For example, animated explainer videos might go on a landing page so people can convert into a lead after a Pay Per Click or (an advertising campaign) drives traffic to that page.  While customer testimonial videos might be emailed to clients after a meeting during the sales process.  Whether you are a single marketing person, or work with a video production agency, make sure you are optimizing your corporate video marketing strategy for the intended distribution channel.

STEP 6:  Monitor and Adapt

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now at the final step of your corporate video marketing strategy… which is to monitor the metrics and learn from them.

There are many video metrics that you can look at to make better decisions in the future. Metrics will vary depending on the platform or video.  And you can even look at the conversion rates of your web pages that have video vs the pages on your site that don’t have video.  For example, an animated explainer video will have different success metrics than a customer testimonial video.

Now, when you have the monitored data, analyze it carefully. Did you get high views (if that’s what you wanted)? Did you get better social media engagement than other content?  Did people who came to your website after seeing the video pay for your product and service or convert into a lead?

When you analyze each promotional video you create it will help you decide if you need to change your video content for a greater impact. Maybe you need to reshape the marketing process or promotion strategy.

It’s also great to know the best platforms for your video marketing, and here’s an insightful reference from SRmailing.

Create a Detailed Corporate Video Marketing Strategy

A sound corporate video marketing strategy never begins and ends at the first promotional video. And regardless of hiring a corporate video production company, or doing video in-house, it’s a constant process in which you must budget, plan and integrate video into your marketing and sales channels.

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