YouTube remains the most frequented online video platform on the web by far. Although there are numerous other video hosting platforms, YouTube remains the go-to and therefore has an insane amount of content and YouTube Video Content Creators that continues to grow. An abundance of content from all sorts of video creators, big corporations, and small businesses means an extraordinary amount of competition for more viewers and audience attention.

The most watched videos on YouTube are often from content creators, individual people that have built themselves up on the platform with original video content that’s either entertaining or useful to select demographics. It’s understandable if you don’t want your small business or corporation following in the steps of random people that make videos on the internet. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t apply their marketing and appeal tactics to your corporate video distribution strategy.

In this post, we’ll outline 5 tips to increase your chances of viewers clicking on your video instead of the competition’s by highlighting the tried and true methods of some of the most popular YouTube content creators.

1. Create an engaging custom YouTube thumbnail image that isn’t too clickbait oriented.

This tip is number one because it’s the first thing that people are going to see when deciding whether to watch your video. It MUST be appealing. And, in case you’re unfamiliar with thumbnail images or the term “clickbait”:   

  • Thumbnail images are small pictures that go either above or to the right of your video title and description on YouTube. You can upload custom made images to apply them to your videos. They are designed to give viewers a taste of what they’re about to watch in the same way movie posters give an idea of what a film is about.
  • Clickbait is a term used to describe disingenuous titles or thumbnail images. Titles and thumbnail images that give the impression a video is about one topic or highlights a certain area of interest when the video itself either discusses it briefly or not at all.

At the end of the day, there will most likely always be some degree of clickbait in your titles. This is the nature of appealing to mass audiences. It’s just important that you don’t push it too far!

As much as an engaging thumbnail image is important for people to click, having your video tagged and properly described is just as important. After all, you need people to find your video before they can decide whether to watch it!

For optimizing your title, it should be short, simple and accurate. Longer titles often dissuade people from clicking on your video because the video starts to seems intimidating or too much of a commitment to watch. Accuracy is also key as you should make the title a close representation of what is seen in your video. If you use a misleading title, it could lead to negative audience feedback. Finally, do the best you can to have your title match common searches on YouTube. You can find this keyword data in many different online resources. The closer you get your title to matching what people search for most in your industry or business demographic, the higher the likelihood of your video being found.

The same general principles for optimizing your YouTube video title apply to your description, tags, and links. It comes down to this:

  • Use heavily searched for keywords that are also ACCURATE descriptions of your video
  • Make descriptions thorough and keyword heavy so YouTube knows what your video is about
  • Use an abundance of ACCURATE tags to increase search results
  • Link to other related content and all your social media platforms
  • Remain honest yet far reaching in all aspects of your YouTube video optimization process

3. Be consistent with your original content, presenters, uploads, design and aesthetic. Get Noticed.

One of the biggest draws for viewers that return to the same YouTube channel or same YouTube content creator is the consistency of content. Audiences understand what the channel is about and know roughly what they’re going to get. The type of video content presented is all under the same umbrella, genre, or sphere of influence.

How to Get Noticed on YouTube
Source: Video Advice – YouTube Channel

If you’re a law firm that makes videos giving legal advice bi-weekly, it would be strange for your subscribed audience to see a travel video on your channel. This is a bit of an exaggerated example, but the idea is there. You shouldn’t drastically deviate from whatever video content you set out to produce from the get-go.

Beyond just content, you should have consistency with who presents business material on your channel. For larger YouTube content creators, a massive part of their appeal (if not their whole appeal) is their personality. People connect with the person that is always in the video. Now, this doesn’t mean that your business must select only one person to be in front of the camera. However, it does mean that there should be at least a primary group of people that appears consistently on your channel. This allows your audience to have a sense of familiarity with those individuals and establishes an element of trust between the channel and its viewers.

Another critical area for growing your business video content presence on YouTube is the upload consistency. If you upload one or two videos and your channel goes dead for months, no one is going to care about your business video marketing. However, if you establish a consistent schedule for your uploads, your audience will know what to expect. As a business (depending on what industry you’re in) it’s best to upload either once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. One of these three options will be frequent enough and maintain consistency for your viewers.

Finally, consistency in design and aesthetic gives your YouTube business channel the proper branding. Design and aesthetics apply to the layout of your YouTube channel itself, thumbnail image selections, and the style your videos are filmed. While this area of consistency isn’t necessarily as important as the others, it helps to have an established visual look for all of your content. If your company produces talking head videos, try to film them in either the same space or the same 2-3 spaces every time. If your business is creating an informational series on multiple different products, try to keep the thumbnail images and space similar for each product. These are just a couple of examples and it’s ok to be flexible. However, some form of consistency under this umbrella will also help with audience engagement and familiarity.

4. Create an introductory video / channel trailer so new viewers know what you’re about.

A channel trailer or introduction is another consistent theme across many popular YouTube content creators that can also be applied to a business video content focused YouTube channel. Having such an introductory video is something that has strong potential to convert one-time viewers into regular audience members and subscribers.

Create a YouTube Channel Trailer
Source: Will Smith – YouTube Channel

For example, if someone finds one of your business videos on YouTube and finds it interesting, useful, or informative, they may click on your channel to see more. When someone clicks on your channel link, they get directed to your channel cover page. On this page, you have room to include one video that auto plays on the top while the rest of your content is tucked away beneath. Because this video automatically plays, it’s your opportunity to give your marketing pitch in this piece of content so the viewer is enticed to learn more and keep watching the videos you produce.

For your business, this channel trailer can be your corporate overview video or, if you like to keep it simple, someone from your company saying hello to the camera and explaining what kind of video content you are producing and why your business is producing it. A well-made introductory video with the correct messaging can increase your audience quickly and effectively so more and more people watch your business videos.

5. Create original, informative, and strategic high-quality video content.

We’ve saved the most obvious for last! Or the best or most important for last if you wish to look at it that way!

Ultimately, none of these other recommendations matter if your videos are poorly made, have a bad or ill-informed message, or are completely unoriginal. Whether you’re a large corporation or small business does not matter. A professional production value and messaging strategy to convey your expertise is critical to captivate, inform, and instill a sense of credibility and interest into your audience. This is the main reason people are going to come to your business YouTube channel.

YouTube Video Marketing Strategy
Source: MultiVision Digital – YouTube Channel

If you’re a law firm trying to produce a YouTube video marketing series, then differentiate your firm from others doing the same. If you’re a manufacturing company explaining your production process, don’t just copy a bigger company or a company that’s already using video to explain what you do. Whatever industry your business or corporation is in, find a unique and original style for your content along with an original, strategic message. If you’re able to follow all of the steps outlined above in addition to creating engaging and original video content messaging, then you should have no issue developing a large YouTube audience interested in your services.

Honorable Mention: Make your videos look and sound good.

This one is entirely technical, which is why it didn’t make the top 5 list. However, it’s still highly important.

Corporate Video Production NYC
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Your videos must look and sound as good as possible. This doesn’t mean you need a Hollywood style crew with professional cinema cameras. However, it does mean you need to have decent prosumer camera equipment, lights, and audio gear to properly film the business video content you need for your channel. If you can do this in-house with your own people and limited external influence, you’re already a step ahead. However, video production itself can be a very daunting task. So, you should consider hiring a professional business video production company to actually shoot the content you wish to upload to your corporate YouTube channel. Or at least hire a company to do the first few videos you need until someone on your internal team gets the hang of the video production (and post-production!) process.