For manufacturing companies to drive relationship selling, educating buyers on your products unique features and building trust in your operations are key to creating higher qualified leads that are sales ready. That’s why promotional video for manufacturing companies has become a must have investment.

Most manufacturing companies come from the traditional mindset that their selling is “relationship selling” only. Many companies think the digital channel does not fit their “selling model” for various reasons.  While no one will argue that personal relationships are key to funnel development, the digital channel has become a major force in converting qualified leads.

When a manufacturing company has a promotional video production on their website, or to use as “send me some more information” material instead of a PDF, it gives the new relationships the ability to get to know your company, plant, people and processes…basically what makes you great!  If you don’t have video yet then you probably have pictures and text that do this.  But pictures and text only go so far. Moreover, they don’t give buyers the ability to get to know the people at your company. The goal is making personal connections that build relationships — video does that.

B2B promotional video for manufacturing companies creates qualified leads

B2B video for manufacturing companies gives your company the ability to get your people out in front of your prospects sooner to educate them earlier in the sales process.  Further, promotional video production on your website or social channels means that buyers can get this information whenever they want. Many buyers conduct their research during off business hours and on their mobile devices.  Below is an example of a series of three B2B promotional videos that showcase the product, use case applications and LEED certification aspect of the product, giving a buyer all the information they need to know to be a qualified lead.

This is because we have become an audience of viewers not readers.   B2B video for manufacturing companies will keep visitors on your site for an average of two minutes longer. It will also make them 64% more likely to purchase.*  So manufacturing companies that use professional online promotional video production services will start to establish trust while providing buyers with the information to take the next steps down the funnel (which in many cases is a phone call to the manufacturer to speak or meet).

The benefits of B2B video for manufacturing companies are many. The biggest one is that it allows your buyers insight into behind the scenes look at your facilities that are normally hard to get because of geographic distance. They can get many valuable insights at what goes on through a video production on a manufacturing company’s website. This allows buyers to get a visual for the quality of work, equipment used and develop questions to enter into the buying process.

How to get started with video production for manufacturing companies.

If you are looking to get started with B2B video production for your manufacturing company, then here are a few questions to ask your team to help you get started.

• What aspects of your process, that are not trade secrets, will separate you from the competition?
• Which aspect(s) of your product is(are) innovative?
• Are there different applications of your products that people don’t know about?
• What is easy to explain in person but not paper?
• What are the common questions most buyers have?
• Which concepts need to be repeated?
• What products do you want to sell more of?
• Which industries do you want to become a leader in?
• What requires the most support?

B2B video marketing content for manufacturing companies can include

B2B video marketing content is an excellent component to a manufacturing business website and everyday sales tool (pre and post presentations). So plan to have many promotional video productions all over your website.  Here are some ideas on the type of B2B video marketing content that you can easily put together directly from the people you have on your staff…most likely they talk about these things everyday.

• Interviews with you or your team discussing the benefits of your product
• Employees giving a tour of your facility – just like they would do if a buyer came to take the tour
• Videos on your website about a special machine or process.
• Website video testimonials
• Videos that showcase your company / employees charitable or community activities.

To see the impact of B2B video marketing content for your manufacturing company, you have to be using it as an ongoing means of communications, not a one-off that tries to say everything. So one promotional video is not a one-size-fits-all solution for a sound B2B video marketing content strategy. Just like you have all that types of communication throughout the process that’s the thought process that you should take when looking at video.

Here is a video that goes a bit deeper into this subject .

Do you see your industry adopting more promotional and other types of B2B video marketing content in the sales process?  Let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions leave them too… we’re always here to help.