We love doing videos for manufacturing companies!  Most manufacturing companies have lots of cool things to shoot as the manufacturing process is so interesting.  As a creative video production company, that focuses on video for manufacturing companies, we prefer to have plenty of time to prepare and plan for any video content marketing project.  Pre-production planning is one of the most overlooked, and under-valued, parts of professional video services. 

In this instance, the Haydon Corporation, located in Totowa, NJ, a repeat client, reached out because they needed a sales promotional video for a big meeting with one of their main distributors…and needed it done with an extremely tight turnaround of four days.  Needless to say, we were up for the challenge to plan, shoot and edit this video content marketing project, and have it delivered within four days.  Putting our professional video services into action, we worked for hand in hand with Haydon Corporation to re-align schedules, create a production plan, and make this manufacturing video production happen quickly, efficiently, and with a high production value.  

Planning for Video for Manufacturing Companies

With any professional video services company, the first step in scoping out a project, especially when doing a video for manufacturing companies, is doing a walk-thru of the manufacturing facility, or office if are shooting a lawyer, accountant, or another office environment.  During the walk-thru of Haydon’s facility, we identified Haydon’s manufacturing process and talked thru the day so Haydon was prepared for us to shoot all the things necessary.  Whilst doing our scout, Demetrius Pellicier, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the Haydon Corporation. Demetrius explained the project goals and the various manufacturing processes he wanted to highlight in the video.  Our job, as a creative video production company, is to align the primary objective of the video along with visuals we could get to produce the video he needed. 

His main objective was to showcase Haydon’s capabilities, use cases, and skillsets to one of their main distributors in North America at a national sales meeting.  Instead of rolling through a boring Power Point, Haydon was able to clearly and effectively showcase their facility, manufacturing process and use cases in an informative and engaging video to 125 distributor sales reps to increase their business with this distributor.

With location scouting completed, we had the weekend to determine how we were going to film the content needed for this manufacturing video production. We decided this was a two-camera shoot for two talented videographers. We knew we needed lots of wide shots of the facility and visually compelling camera movements to keep the video engaging while showing close-up shots of the technical details of their manufacturing process. Moreover, we knew we needed the same type of video content a drone would produce, but we were not able to use a drone inside the facility.

As a creative video production company, we are always having to be quick on our feet – regardless if we are in a manufacturing facility, or in a professional office environment.  Our clients expect us to get what we need to produce the video content marketing project they are aiming for to hit their objectives.  Thus, instead of a drone, we came up with Plan B: A two-camera forklift gimbal extravaganza!

video production

Using this “unconventional” and quick on our feet setup for getting the shots we needed was both effective, incredibly fun and more importantly, hit the business objective Haydon was looking for in showcasing their large facility.  It also allowed our two videographers to embrace their inner 5-year-old while capturing the necessary visuals for the video content marketing project.

Facing the Edit with a Tight Deadline

After an exciting two days of shooting professional video services that included both interview content with Demetrius and b-roll of Haydon’s facility, it was crunch time to edit.   Part of the team at our creative video production company are talented editors and motion graphics specialists.  Working with the team on business messaging, tightening up the broll so we only had the best shots to work with, we went into post-production with the finish line clearly in-site.

Within a day, a very loooong day, the professional video services of our editors were able to provide a preview of the video with placeholders for motion graphics assets that were still being animated. We hopped on a couple of brief calls with Demetrius and other Haydon team members to receive their prompt feedback and make their desired edits. Fortunately, because of the pre-production work we put in, we were able to provide a preview of the video content marketing project that was extremely close to what Haydon was looking for!  The lovely folks at the Haydon Corporation loved 90% of the first preview we showed them and only requested minor edits moving forward.  Note, this is typical for our work when we do a video for manufacturing companies because we put the pre-production time in that is necessary and needed.

Therefore, we were able to deliver the final video with all animated graphics assets in place in time for their presentation to Fastenal that Friday afternoon.

Results of a Creative Video Production Company

One of the things video for manufacturing companies does very well is streamlining the communications of a message.  With video, a message can be told, shown, and communicated to a large number of people, or a small amount of people, with compelling visuals, music, and a story without anyone ever saying a word.  That held true when Demetrius presented Haydon’s video to 125 sales reps… he received a standing ovation!  If that is not memorable, then we don’t know what is.

We are always happy to hear success stories from our professional video services, but upon hearing this made our effort for this rush video content marketing project was beyond satisfying. We pulled together our best team members to make the four-day video project a reality and it exceeded client expectations. Simply put, the final video deliverable was a great success for all parties involved.

We’re very excited to share this story and add it to our ever-growing list of positive client testimonials and success stories. That being said, for all those considering MultiVision Digital for your video content marketing project, please be sure that our professional video services will come thru for your specific project, budget and business objective.  While we are able to do projects at a moment’s notice, the vast majority of the time we do have ample time to plan. So, if you’re a manufacturing company looking to learn more about what entails manufacturing video production, please reach out! We’re happy to provide an obligation-free (and free of charge) consultation to answer your questions, throw ideas around, and show you how the video for manufacturing companies is a sales and marketing tool that will help your business increase sales, spread awareness, and more.