Highlighted on this page is a B2B marketing video for manufacturing company, Dymax, located in Torrington, CT. Dymax attends a lot of trade shows, so they were already spending money on building awareness of their company and their skill sets.  In order to increase lead conversion rates, Dymax looked to MultiVision Digital to create a B2B marketing video for top of the funnel conversion.

Responding to short attention spans, this manufacturing website promotional video, Dymax communicates almost everything that a potential prospect needs to know in the first 25 seconds.  Which is Dymax has grown their application engineering capabilities, products & services into a global leader to help their clients boost productivity, improve quality, improve worker safety and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

B2B marketing videos for manufacturing companies solved the challenge that Dymax and other manufactures have.  They want to communicate all of their capabilities, the benefits they provide and their diverse facility in Torrington Connecticut in a short concise way.  Manufacturing website promotional videos do that.

The leaders at Dymax were convinced that a manufacturing website promotional video was the way to go, but were not sure how to get it done. Starting with corporate video marketing strategy services, MultiVision Digital provided turn-key services thought the entire business video production process. From initial direction to hone down on the message, to finalizing which of the Dymax team would be interviewed to planning and directing all of the day’s scenes to ensure Dymax would able to show and communicate the depth and breath of their facility to global clients.

This B2B marketing video for manufacturing company Dymax is another great example of how MultiVision Digital’s strategic approach to business video production gets the most out of business video marketing budget.

Note – in this video you will see some scenes that are very yellow. This is the lighting in their manufacturing facility and was purposely not color corrected as the targeted audience would understand, and expect, this is.