Video content on our website is used to illustrate a rather complicated process, to establish a better understanding and comfort level prior to physically meeting with us.

Achim Neumann, President, B2B service provider ANA

ANA’s video project included

  • 1 x Pre-production planning and consultation
  • 7 x F.A.Q. videos answering specific concerns clients ask over and over again
  • 1 x video marketing consultation, assisting SEO and web developer in video content marketing strategy

ANA’s goals and objectives included

  • Increase SEO ranking for competitive keywords by integrating VideoSEO (VSEO).
  • Add a personal touch to the sales process by addressing specific topic oriented questions.
  • Drive sales with engaging assets that supporting day to day sales and marketing activities
  • Make website more engaging
  • Increase time spent on website – a key metric to drive SEO rankings