Business video is extremely versatile in its use within an organization’s sales and marketing process and that makes it a great investment.  Especially compared to the other marketing investments you’ve made over the years, like direct mail, trade shows, brochures, and blog posts, the ROI of B2B video marketing is just so much higher.

First off, those other marketing investments mostly have a one-in-done use case.  For example, a trade show or direct mail piece fits a specific use case or business objective…and then it is done.  Not to be used again. 

Ways to leverage business video marketing

Business video marketing is very different from other marketing investments because you can leverage that video across multiple channels and touchpoints along the buyer’s journey.  For example, a sales video can fit into the sales process, it could be used in sales presentations, you can send it in follow-up emails, you can put it on your website, embed it in a blog post and post it on social media.  There are so many use cases from that one sales video that extends the life and use cases from that one investment…which is why business video makes a great marketing investment.

Use Business Video Marketing Across Multiple Business Objectives

When deciding to invest in a business video strategy, it will impact your business in many different areas.  Because buyers are on the lookout for a business video to help them get the information they need to make a purchase decision, you can use B2B video marketing to launch a new product or service, to rank higher on search engines via an SEO strategy, to increase engagement on social media or to drive more action in the sales process.   Whichever your business goal, a business video strategy can seamlessly fit into those objectives.

The use of business video is so impactful because videos give buyers across every industry and every part of the funnel, the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.  And buyers want to be educated and informed quickly.

Add to this the rise of smartphone / mobile technology, which paves the way for watching videos easier and conveniently from anywhere at any time, and is organically optimized for mobile devices. You have the perfect reasons that a business video strategy is so important.  

For these reasons and more, research says “94% of marketers say video has helped them increase understanding of product or service.” –Wyzowl And “By the end of 2022, video content will account for 82% of all consumer traffic on the internet.”- Invideo.

87% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic.” – Wyzowl

B2B video marketing chart

Ignoring video marketing as part of content marketing strategies is no longer an option for brands who want to excel.

Get Even More ROI From Business Video Marketing with a Video SEO Strategy that Increases Dwell Time

Videos add a lot of value to websites’ power to convert leads, and also to rank higher on search engines.  As people dwell on websites up to 2x longer than on websites without video. Wistia, a leading online video hosting platform, analyzed the top 100 pages on their blog that received the highest traffic in terms of the time users spent on each page. They found that pages with videos had 7 minutes and 21 seconds of average time spent while the average dwell time on pages without videos was 2 minutes and 48 seconds.  That is quite significant.

When you increase dwell time on your website, you are signaling to search engines that users find your website valuable…because they stay there longer.  This tells search engines to rank you higher than other users because search engines’ job is to give their users the most relevant information in the quickest time.  Leveraging a business video strategy to drive higher search results and then convert those leads will lead to lower customer acquisition costs and more efficient use of your marketing budget….oh, and more leads!

The net/net is that videos transform how people find information and then make decisions. Throughout the entire customer buying journey, videos heighten brand awareness and action over the course of the sales process.

If you are just getting started with business video marketing or are experienced with producing video and need to create a business video strategy, then send us an email or pick up the phone and give us a call at (646) 319-8609. We have helped hundreds of businesses leverage a thoughtful approach to video across every business objective.

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