As a video production agency,  we love seeing more and more people use Youtube, and LinkedIn, and other channels, for video marketing.  One of the main things we teach and support our clients with at our video production agency is how to make their own videos, and use YouTube for video marketing, as well as other platforms, such as Linked, to increase their brand awareness and reach. Thus, we also give YouTube video marketing tips for them to keep in mind.

So if you are aiming to use YouTube for video marketing, by doing videos on your own or hiring a video production agency, here are three YouTube video marketing tips to keep in mind as you get started or double down on your video strategy.

YouTube Video Marketing Tip #1 – Plan Your Messaging in Advance

Don’t just turn the camera on and think about what you are going to say.  Be prepared when you plan to use YouTube for video marketing content in your marketing strategy.  Just like we do here at our video production agency, write your key messaging down on a small piece of paper, like a post-it note.  YouTube Video Marketing tends to be short and to the point so come up with three quick bullet points on a key topic that you want to elaborate on for your target audience

Use YouTube for Video Marketing bullet points

You don’t want a video much longer than three bullet points.  If you have more than three bullet points save that for your other video focused on another topic.  So you will have more content for when your goal is to use YouTube for video marketing in your marketing strategy.

A study conducted by HubSpot shows that:

According to marketers the top three most important factors for creating effective video content:

36% – Capturing viewers’ attention in the first few seconds 

36% – Effectively promoting videos 

33% – Keeping videos concise

YouTube Video Marketing Tip #2 – Think of the Camera as your Client

Getting comfortable in front of the camera is not easy for some people.  So here is a YouTube Video Marketing Tip that will help you.  Just think of the camera as a client or a prospective client.  While this might take some practice, you should speak and act like the camera is your prospect or a client.  Don’t try to be perfect.  Don’t try to act.  If you repeat a word or pause while you are thinking, then just keep on talking.  That is exactly how you are in front of real people.  When you are who you are, you will look more relaxed and convincing. 

You do what you do every single day of the week, you sound great, you look great and you come across as professional. 

So the more you do this in front of the camera the better you will become in front of the camera.

YouTube Video Marketing Tip #3 – Look Directly at the Camera and Have Proper Framing 

video production agency: YouTube Video Marketing tip

When you talk with people in person you look into their eyes.  This is the type of video content you want to create.  As a video production agency, we help our clients look directly at the camera so people watching their videos see their eyes. This is really part of YouTube video marketing as looking at the camera, vs off to the side, will emulate real-life interactions and people will get to know, like, and trust you more than if you were not looking at them.

Another aspect when you using YouTube for video marketing is to have good framing for your video.  Again, this is something that comes naturally to a video production agency but does not if you are not used to creating videos.  

So frame your shot so that your audience can just about see your hands, 

you’ve got a little bit of headroom, some space on your sides

and you are looking directly at the camera.

This framing will give you some leverage in the edit if you want to punch in and out in order to cut a mistake…we all make them. 

Keep these YouTube video marketing tips in mind and as a video production agency, we have seen great success with YouTube and hope that you will too!  

Feel free to reach out to us and ask questions, share some of your challenges or share some of your success with us

See you in front of the camera!