In this B2B video marketing tip, we’ll give you two ROCK STAR  why you should invest in B2B sales video today! B2B decision-makers are watching more and more B2B sales videos every single day.  Why? Because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.  And in our ‘give it to me quick’ world, people are on the lookout for B2B sales videos. And statistic after statistic proves that same theory about promotional videos. 

Optinmonster recognized that 72% of customers said they would rather learn about a product or service by way of a promotional video. And 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s promotional video. (Optinmonster)

Now you might be thinking that these stats are only for consumer purchases…but you’d be wrong.  First off, our consumer behavior has always driven our business behavior, and when more and more people are comfortable with using promotional videos to make decisions that trend quickly seeps into the world of business-to-business selling.

So given that business decision-makers are SUPER busy, they will probably not have time to read long text-heavy blog posts or web pages about your products and services.  But when there is a B2B sales video on your website, they will spend the time to watch and get the most out of your promotional video than they would if they would read…AND, it will be more enjoyable for them.

And because you can give more information, in a very personal way with online video marketing, while showing your company and the people that work at your company vs an impersonal blog post that has only black and white text, you will differentiate your company from the competition 

However, if business decision-makers that you’re trying to sell to are not busy,  they will have the time to read long posts or captions…. but if they are busy, they’re going to be on the lookout for online video marketing content.  And when they watch a video, they are going to get more out of it in a short period of time, understand who your company is, what you’re all about and convert into a lead, or go deeper into the sales funnel, because they are informed and educated about your company, products, and services.

So if you have no videos yet, or some videos and no video marketing strategy, but want to communicate as quickly as possible and respond to buyers’ wants, then look towards a professional video marketing company to help you create a B2B sales video and promotional videos.

Reasons to invest in b2b sales video

How beneficial is it to invest in B2B Sales Video?

How beneficial is it to invest in online video marketing????  Well, how beneficial is it to grow your revenue?  Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (WordStream).  So if you want to grow your revenue at a faster pace…then use promotional video marketing…for all these reasons listed above and more.

But another reason why you should invest in online video marketing is that it will last a long time.  The average shelf life of a B2B sales video, for example, is about four years.  Four years of using that B2B sales video every day, every week, every month.  Which makes it a significant cost-effective marketing investment.  And when you create a video strategy with a professional video marketing company could be more valuable over time to your digital marketing efforts.

However, if you’re going to invest in the video today you can literally extend that across your sales process across social media, on SEO, Google loves video, and the more video is watched the more valuable it becomes to them which drives more credibility and traffic to your website in addition to that video that is used in the sales process gets watched over and over and over again.

Why should you let a professional video marketing company create promotional videos?

A professional video marketing company can help you create many different kinds of videos to support your marketing objectives.  So if you are just getting started creating videos, or have some videos but don’t have any video marketing strategy, a professional video marketing company can help you get started.

A Professional Video Marketing Production Company New York

A professional video marketing company will do all the planning of your entire video production effort and make sure that any budget you invest will give you quality promotional videos and online video content to hit your business objectives.

Just like any professional service, a professional video marketing company will bring you the experience and expertise to overcome any challenges in the production process. 

So if you want some more information or have some questions about the video and reach out to us through the contact form on our website or give us a call at  (646) 319-8609

See you in front of the camera!