In the inbound world we live in today, prospects are immune to cold calls and are too busy to listen. It is only when they want or need a product or service they go in search of it.  So that begs the question “Is business video production the new cold call in our inbound marketing world?”

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In this MultiVision Minute we are going to talk about why video is the new sales call.  It is easy-to-understand why more busy executives are turning to online video to help them make decisions.  We really live in a inbound world today and that sales calls don’t work anymore.  So when we hear from prospects, they have already checked us out and already know a little about our products and services and they are ready to talk to us.

The better that you can explain hard to understand concepts, build your value proposition and get more people in your organization exposed to your prospects the better chances that you will have to get your foot in door with that prospect and thus convert people into the sales funnel.  So there’s no better sales tool and a video to really properly communicate who you are as a company and how your products and services will benefit that prospect.

What are your thoughts and comments about inbound marketing and how business video production can pay a role?