Developing a Business Video Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve proven that many types of business video content across your sales funnel can really affect the your metrics. For example, branding, conversion, sales processes, and thought leadership can see amazing results. Video increases success in social metrics, open rates, and click through rates in email campaigns. This is why it’s critical to start developing a business video content marketing strategy.

In many conversations with business owners and senior marketing people, there is little focus on looking at business video content marketing. On the contrary, marketers should view video as a thoughtful and strategic asset.  Done right online business video production drives action across the entire funnel and such should be planned and integrated into the overall marketing and sales process.

Online business video production is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In the same way, you may have different types of communication throughout the marketing and sales process. It’s important to follow this similar process when budgeting for business video content.

Start writing down all the current assets you have from your branding, conversion, nurturing and deep into your sales process.  What types of content do you have now in emails, on paper, in PDF files, and start planning to convert some of that content into your business video content marketing strategy.

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