If you’re looking to develop a sound business video content marketing strategy, look at how to create many different videos. Incorporate many different styles of videos from a certain budget and produce them throughout the year. In this blog post we will discuss how to leverage a budget for video. If you take our advice, you can get many different kinds of business video marketing content.

Many businesses are at different stages of adopting corporate video marketing content into their sales and marketing objectives. Therefore, each business should establish the correct budget for video from a professional video production company. Typical business goals that a business video marketing content will affect are

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead conversion
  • Sales nurturing
  • Improving SEO ranking
  • Content marketing
  • Corporate website promotional video
  • Sales meetings and follow up material – FAQs, case studies
  • Trade show material – before, during and after
  • Reputation and crisis management
  • Public relations
  • Social media marketing
  • Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Ecommerce conversion

Just like you would not create a sales brochure and expect that to be appropriate for an advertising campaign, the same rules apply to business video marketing content. One video is not a business video content marketing strategy.

Building a sound business video content marketing strategy – budget for video

Regardless of whether you plan to invest 10k, 20k, 40k or more, you should be approaching your business video content marketing strategy with the mindset that your business video marketing content will integrate into the business goals that you have already established and create the right video content to fit that specific objective.

For example, if you wanted create a corporate website promotional video that was a high level overview of your firm, then you should hire a professional video production company to produce this. Moreover, this video should be very polished and professional with nice visuals, motion graphics and editing that showcases your firm’s capabilities, benefits to clients and vision. This corporate website promotional video should be well invested in as a lot of time and effort will going into it because it will last for many year (typically 4-5 years). Thus the majority of your annual budget will be used for this.

Case Studies

With the same budget for video you have many options to choose from.

Now let’s take case studies as a business objective. Many firms use case studies in PDF format or in a PowerPoint presentation to showcase the “we’ve done that factor” and the benefits their solution has reaped for clients. This same use case has a business video marketing content application. These case study videos should still be nicely done and polished, but maybe not as invested in as your corporate website promotional video. So if you take the same budget that you got one corporate website promotional video, you can get 2 or 3 case study videos out of it.


Finally, lets take search engine optimization as a business objective you want to focus on. In order to effectively compete and rank on search engines you need lots of content…so you might look towards FAQ videos as the way to go. These are easy to create and cost effective. Let’s go back and use same budget that you used for one corporate website promotional video and apply it to a professional video production company creating FAQ videos for you. The final deliverable to you should be 5, 7, 10 or more FAQ videos from the same budget amount.

Following this business video content marketing strategy after a year or two you will have lots of different types of business video marketing content that you can use across many different business objectives. In addition, if you leverage the skill set of a professional video production company they will give you the guidance and advice to make the best use of your marketing budget towards your specific business goals.

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