People are just seeing the changing landscape of the traditional B2B sales process…but what they don’t realize is that the model is not ‘changing’, but rather has fundamentally ‘changed’ forever.  Thanks to the Internet, your next prospective customer has too much information at their fingertips. Prospects do their own research, educate themselves and make their own decisions about your company, products and services. Moreover, this happens well before speaking with one of your sales reps.

And guess what?! They don’t always get it right!

Educate Your Customers with B2B Video Communications

It is not their job to figure out what you do, how you will help them, or your process. Educating and building a personal relationship…that’s your job.  When it comes to the blocking and tackling of the traditional sales process, prospects are more leery of older tactics.  Some would argue it is not a “sales cycle” any longer but rather a “buying cycle”.  And as that sales people must have new skills and have different kinds of sales support material, to allow buyers go through the buying process at their own time frame and speed (thanks Frank Belzer author of Sales Shift).

Today’s sales people must have the necessary sales assets (listen up marketing people). You must respond to prospect’s educational needs, without “selling”.  One way to give prospects the education they need, build relationships with them and add value during the sales cycle is to use a thoughtful approach to B2B video communications in your sales work flow.   Utilizing sales video production services can bring the human element into the sales process earlier on in the sales cycle. This is at a time when prospects are decreasing the face time sales people get with prospects.  Does this make video the new ‘cold call’?


Benefits of Video Marketing Communications

Crafting a strategic video marketing communications plan should address common questions prospects have. It also introduces people’s expertise in an organization and highlights specific use cases and applications of products. Moreover, it showcases key metrics other companies have attained.  This plan will provide the educational a buyer needs to build trust and confidence towards a purchase decision.

Another benefit that B2B video communications provides is the ability to have sales people “get off the script”. Sales people have always been criticized for “talking to much” which makes prospects lose credibility with sales “know it alls”.  Sales videos provide sales people with engaging assets

. Videos allow them to teach and showcase company’s human skill sets without saying a word.

Take any B2B software, SasS or professional service technology sale as an example.  Who do sales people bring with them to meetings to give answers to the most commonly asked questions?  During the buying cycle, their executive, technical and operational teams will often accompany the sales person on big deals to provide valuable insights, expertise and experience.

Using a Professional Video Production Company for Your Goals

A professional video production company can capture this same insight, expertise and experience.  Then the sales person will have valuable professional video communications to send before these big meetings, allow the prospective buyer (many times more than one person in a decision making committee) to get informed, experience the human element of a company, and have that “I feel like I know you already” feeling and support important relationship building tactics.

B2B technology and professional service sales are highly relationship driven, so creating videos will actually put the human relationship element back into the sales process while having a more educated buyer.

Yes, this strategy places a more important role on the marketing department.  They must produce more sales video content to get customers interested and start marketing with video content to drive awareness and convert.  NOTE: online video marketing content that is geared towards brand awareness and conversion may, or may not, be the same video production content that is meant to be sales tools. So just like marketing departments do now with paper-based assets, the same approach should be taken with corporate sales video communications.


Many B2B companies will be slow to start using video as they deem it impersonal.  But integrating a strategic sales video communications plan will actually bring a sense of humanity back into the buying cycle.  Allowing the buyer to get the information they want, when they want it, directly from the people at your company that make your company your company.