What is the state of B2B online video content marketing – animated explainer video production tells you.

There is no mistaking that, as consumers, we just love video. We are watching more online video content at an increasing rate.  Traditional television network channels have made fundamental changes to the core of their business. And the big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, are all trying to take market-share away from YouTube. They’ve been using video to build their revenues further.

So what does this mean to our lives as corporate decision makers or business owners?  Is business to business video content marketing a fad?  A recent study proved that our consumer behavior of watching online video is definitely driving our business behavior. When it comes to watching and creating B2B website corporate video production people make different business decisions.  B2B video content marketing is not something that is up and coming…but is already being successfully used by many businesses.

The report showcases impactful statistics. 82% of B2B marketers reporting that they have had success with their video marketing efforts. Moreover, 70% + claim that video performs better than other content for producing conversions…WOW!

Watch the below animated explainer video recapping some of the key findings of the study –

The net-net is that marketing with business video content can provide a high rate of return as video is the most engaging type of asset for marketers and sales teams. Business sales and marketing video communications have proved to drive action at all points of the sales and marketing funnel. This is why they have become an ever-increasing part of corporate marketing budgets. Furthermore, there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

You just need to look at what is going on to see the proof. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. Facebook has included online video into their new format and has added many new features. Twitter has rolled out video functionality and Instagram and LinkedIn continue to build their video distribution capabilities.

So does this mean that you’re late in the game if your company has not gotten started with corporate video production for your business?

The short answer is “No”. Despite the fact that business executives turn to video as part of their decision making process, and even though the Vidyard report indicated that almost 70% of B2B marketers are using online video communications with their budgets increasing, the good news is that just like many businesses – large and small – will ignore it an not budget for video in 2015 and 2016.

Business video production and marketing with video follows historical adoption rates

The adoption of every Internet / digital marketing technology to date has been slow and largely ignored the early stages. Remember the early days of the Internet when only a small percentage of companies saw the competitive advantage of websites (even large billion dollar companies did!). Then came the early days of ecommerce, PPC, SEO and email marketing. Again, very slow adoption rates in the early days (remember your peers saying “who would ever buy an airline ticket online?”).

Of course, today these digital marketing tactics are everyday investments that we take for granted. Just like their digital cousins, marketing with business video content will soon be a regular line item budget for companies and a given for their marketing tactics. If you’re a professional business video production services company in New York or in other metro areas, this is really good news as many businesses are starting to see the power of business video.

So if your looking ahead a few years into the future and see the use of online business video content as a regular line item budget for companies, this post should give you the insight TODAY to gain a competitive advantage.

What is the R.O.I. horizon for most business video communications projects?

Inspired yet? Lets say you are and decide that today is the day you will get started with website business video communications – the king of content marketing.

For most businesses, it usually takes a couple months to identify what your first corporate video production project should be. Then, if you don’t already have a relationship with a professional video production services company, it could take another 2 to 3 months to identify and select the right video production services company for your firm. Then, another month or more to go thru the pre-production (the planning), production (the shoot) and post-production (editing) process.

Now that your videos are perfect, you have to start making use of them. This will be an ongoing process for a few months of posting, emailing, blogging, press releases and other tactics so your customers and prospects start watching and interacting with your video to give you the ROI you are aiming for.

So if you started today, it will still be about 6 months until those videos started paying dividends for you. So use this to your advantage and get started today so you can learn how to you this powerful sales and marketing tool to your advantage.

Let us know your thoughts on anything in this post and your experience with B2B online video content marketing for your business. And if you want more information on B2B online video content marketing, check out our blog at http://www.multivisiondigital.com/about-us/video-production-news/