How much does an average video cost? That’s the number one question that we often encounter! In fact, it really doesn’t go by time, comparing a very simple 30 seconds video while a 30-second tv commercial could cost a lot of money but a 30-second business video is actually going to achieve the purpose of that particular video, especially if you were teamed up with a trusted B2B Video production services agency. 

A study conducted by Wyzowl says that 76% of created types of video were Explainer Videos, while Social Media Videos, Presentation Videos and Testimonial Videos were on the Top 4, but a video is used incredibly widely, for an ever-increasing number of goals.

Most probably your business video needs to be a little bit longer, so when you’re talking and strategizing with your professional video production agency, focus more on the business objectives. Also, if you come to them with a budget in mind, that’s going to help them make the most out of your budget.

Video Cost: Decision-Making Process

Corporate Video Marketing Strategy

There are so many different variables that can go into making a video, a five hundred dollar video, a five thousand dollar video, or a fifty thousand dollar video. They could all be 30 seconds long or a minute long but the level of investment that goes into that is very different when making an investment in business video content.

Be open with your video production company let them know the parameters that you’re working with and challenge them to come back to you with a couple of different options, this will help you make the best decisions for your brand which might be different than another brand making those same decisions.

See you in front of the camera!