Last week, the MultiVision team took a road trip out to Newtown Pennsylvania in order to shoot footage of an actuator and valve factory for Harold Beck and Sons. It was a rare treat for us to get to go out onto a factory floor and explore all the great machinery.

It’s always a pleasure to work with manufacturers, especially seeing an actuator and valve factory, as their processes are so visually intriguing. Trust us–it’s just as much fun to shoot as it is to watch (if not more). We got to record while workers soldered, lathed, assembled motors by hand, built crates, operated robotic arms, and more. The big machines were incredible to see up close, and the more subtle manual work was hypnotically compelling.

actuator and valve factory
Our fancy machines shooting their fancy machines

Because Harold Beck produces all of its components in-house, we were able to shoot the entire manufacturing process from start to finish–beginning with the raw materials and ending with the final product being shipped out. 

actuator and valve factory
If you zoom in you can see we’re getting a really nice shot here

We love to shoot these kinds of videos.

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