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Our Team

MultiVision Digital’s staff is passionate about creating engaging customer experiences that help your business communicate and generate sales. MultiVision Digital’s talented team of interactive marketing professionals, producers, editors and designers leverage deep expertise in interactive marketing and design with a real world understanding to drive quantifiable results. We believe:

  • A well-executed business video content strategy will generate new business opportunities.
  • Audiences prefer online video content to text because video is simpler to consume and enables informed decision-making.
  • Video marketing can improve search algorithm rankings and put you ahead of your competition.

MultiVision Digital staff is passionate about creating engaging customer experiences that help your business communicate and generate sales.

“An online video posted on a company’s website, delivers a more engaging and personal message”  says Robert

Robert Weiss Protector of the Vision, Chief Video Content Marketing
Strategist, has over 20+ years of background in Internet marketing, SaaS-based marketing, and sales processes tactics. Voiced by one client “Robert is a perpetual source of ideas and is able to work well with very different personalities to get the best from them — a rare skill honed by experience and insight.”
Robert Weiss Bio
Jodi Weiss Director, Producer, and Strategist of Video Content
Jodi has held the position of Supervising Producer and Producer for many major networks such as FOX, MTV, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel Bravo just to name a few. As a seasoned Producer and Storyteller, Jodi has also worked with Advertising Agencies to find real stories about real people for branded content.
Robert Weiss Bio
Eduardo Vianna Post-production Guru, Lead Animator and super fun guy to work with.
Eduardo started his professional career with an engineering degree from the Catholic University in Brazil, but immediately fell in love with post-production editing and after effects animation for explainer videos and motion graphics. For the past 12 years, Eduardo has held many positions in the field of online video production, vignettes for TV shows and worked as a video editor and motion graphics artist for many years. Since 2010 Eduardo has been working for Multivision Digital developing ideas for new projects, doing pre-production, scene direction, editing and motion graphics.
Robert Weiss Bio
John Gebhart Video Producer Extraordinaire, Lighting Artist and always a joy to have on set.
John loves what he does for a living and you can see that by the detail and precision he puts into every shoot. Where it be a live talking head shoot or more creative production, John’s eye for the technical aspect of production along with the creative is a rare find. John’s motto is “always give the client what they want and make them happy”. There is nothing in the world John would rather be doing and it shows.
Robert Weiss Bio
Giorgio Arcelli Director, Producer, Editor and even more fun to have around than Eduardo.
Giorgio is unique in his skill set and ability to work on all aspects of video production. From directing a full length movie, to working with business people to get the best shots and tell their story, Giorgio maintains a level of get it done professionalism mixed with on the set joviality to make clients at ease.
Robert Weiss Bio
Matteo Belletta Cinematographer, Editor, Director, and thoroughly Italian.
Matteo has a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. His energy and enthusiasm on set is almost palpable and his work ethic matches. Matteo’s artistic abilities, technical expertise, and general demeanor make him an invaluable asset to the team.
Robert Weiss Bio
Jeremy Levy Producer, Videographer, Editor, and Video Marketer.
Jeremy is a jack of all trades handling many different tasks to keep things flowing smoothly and clients happy. As a tech guru and camera aficionado, he may bore you to death rattling off tech specs, but it’s all in an effort to deliver the best results to every client he works with. Stoic, absurd and silly all at the same time, Jeremy lives a little out of this world to help bring a creative flair to every project he’s involved in.
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Derek Perrucci Video Content Specialist
Derek is a proud graduate from The University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received a degree in economics. Since graduating he has gone from teaching English in Spain to officially starting his career in video production. Derek’s passion for video traces back as far as he can remember, but for the past 2.5 years he has lived and breathed all things video. Derek has a reputation for never backing down from a challenge and will work relentlessly to find the best solution to any problem. Derek’s knowledge of digital marketing and video production provides him with the unique ability to help our clients achieve their vision. When Derek’s not at work you can find him in a Muay Thai gym or with his Sony A7iii in hand shooting anything from music videos to personal projects.
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