Dig deeper into how the Protector of the Vision started a video marketing agency, how the team strategizes to develop a cadence for your business video production and media video content that fits your specific business objectives.

The Foundation of our Video Marketing Agency

Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital, and Protector of the Vision, started his professional video marketing agency business in 2011 without any background in video production. But he had worked with startups, small companies, and large organizations in the past and he saw what each of them needed in order to survive and thrive.

He took knowledge from all his past experiences to develop his company: MultiVision Digital. He believes that business is about people first, then it’s about the processes. He started with a plan in mind in terms of what he needed to do to deliver high-quality professional video production that can fit any business objectives at an affordable price.

MultiVision Digital has done over one thousand videos throughout the course of its 11 years of existence and has spanned the gamut of business objectives. Everything from advertising, sales, recruiting, thought leadership, social media, training videos, and more.

We work with organizations of every different size, shape, or color and help them to figure out not just the production aspect of video, but the strategy behind how to convey their message and business objectives.

Why is Business Video Production so Important?

Providing premium-quality video marketing content at an affordable price is the main goal of the team. Not just a video production, but tailored video content that fits your business goals and objectives.

We work with the client on a professional level. The cameras, equipment and all other technical aspects are simply a part of the package.

Why We Focus On Strategy First For Your Video

It’s critical for your business that the video marketing agency you hire has the time to know more about your objectives and strategize with you to meet the goals of your business video production. Clients want video content for their business and the other video guys just make it. What separates our video marketing agency service from those types is we contextualize why you need the video, what you would do with it, how you would start to sell that product, and thus we create the right video content that fits into that strategy and the workflow that you have set up.

That’s part of the reason why we’ve gotten to 1000 videos over 11 years is that we focus on the business side of things first and the content second.

Is SEO/Social Media necessary for your business?

SEO is something that you need to invest in continually. It’s important to make sure that your video marketing is SEO-friendly. Everybody is online, so If you’re not getting leads off the internet, you should be.

Social media is there for you to distribute your video content. You don’t need to be everywhere, but you have to focus on your main social media account to generate your business and build brand awareness. Engagement is also a big factor in business. It’s important to create the right type of content for each of those particular channels that you use.

How Did a Video Marketing Agency Create 1,000 Videos in 10 years?

It came from a combination of developing a dedicated base of clients through hard work and properly marketing our efforts to boost our discoverability to acquire new clients. In order to boost SEO, we take work we’ve done in the past and use it to derive contextual content, such as blog posts, social media posts, and press releases from that video reference.

If we’re going to do a series of four or five videos around a topic, we’ll launch each of them separately, each attached to a blog post, and then we’ll wrap them together as a press release. Creating that SEO value from that content is important.


Although other video guys play a significant role in producing your video content or your business video production, they are only one of the several professionals needed in the whole process. A video marketing agency, on the other hand, can execute all the factors that you need in creation, workflow, and marketing strategy.

With an excellent team of videographers, experienced storytellers, marketers, and more we have everything you need right here at MultiVision Digital.

Do you too want to scale your video creation game?

At MultiVision Digital, we have produced over a thousand videos for every industry and business objective out there.
So call us at (646) 319-8609 or fill out the contact form to discuss a professional media video content strategy and grow your revenue through your business video production.

We’ll see you in front of the camera!