Holiday video cards have always been a big hit with customers, employees and prospects because they are fun, different and give people the warm and fuzzies.  There are many types of holiday video cards, but the most fun and popular are montage video cards that showcase your employees.  These videos are highly engaging because they are authentic and transparent into the people that provide the professional service to your customers. 

And in a COVID marketing economy, these types of employee montage videos (even in non-holiday times) are even more important, because we have not had the face time that we normally have with customers and prospects.  

What better way to send some holiday warm and fuzzies out to your customers and prospects and have some fun while doing it.  

If you’re thinking “how do we do this in a remote world?” then read on!

What exactly is a Montage Video?

But first, let’s get on the same page on what exactly a “montage video” is and give you some examples.  A montage video is a video that has one consistent linear story message.  This message is told little by little by each person, one after another.  Each person builds on the previous person towards completing the story.

While the video below is not a holiday video, it is an example of a montage video (thanks Ashley D for this PSA spoof!) 

5 Ideas for an Employee Montage Holiday Video

Now with THAT established, here are 5 ideas for you to create an employee montage holiday video card this year…and do it REMOTELY.  Each of these videos can be done by your company with basic video production equipment and video editing software.  Or can be done with a video production company using remote video production capabilities and video editing services. 

Each of these holiday card videos concepts are great feel good pieces to give your customers, prospects and employees the warm and fuzzies – 

  1. Say what you are grateful for
  2. Recap of your client successes 
  3. Showcase, in numbers, what you accomplished
  4. Reveal something about your personal side
  5. Sing a song – montage style

How to execute, PART 1 – plan your message 

Just like any business video marketing project, the most important part of your video is going to be the message.  Regardless of the type of business video marketing project you are going to do, the business communication should drive the visuals…not the other way around.

This is especially important in this type of video, when you will be doing remote video production of your employees.  With a clear message in hand, your employees will be able to say / shoot their part of the video, with a better understanding of what the entire video should sound like. 

How to execute, PART 2 – plan your production 


When you have your message down, the next part will be to capture footage of your employees. There are a few choices you have here in a COVID marketing economy.  You can solicit the help of a video production company that has remote video production capabilities.  A video production company will have the knowledge of how to use remote video production software along with the professional services needed to coach your employees to look and sound their best in front of the camera.  

The other option is to have each employee record themselves.  While most people are comfortable shooting video, there are some best practices of lighting and framing that should be taken into consideration. 

Here are some best of breed practices you should use if you don’t use a video production company – 

  • Have the subject face a window to get as much natural light as possible
  • Frame your shot so you have some head room and room on each side
  • Make sure the subject smiles and has a high level of energy
  • Say their lines a few times so the editor will have some options to choose from

How to execute, PART 3 – editing

video production

With your remote video production footage in hand, the next step is to edit your video.  There are basic video editing software options out there like iMovie, PremierePro and other online offerings.  Or you can use professional video editing services.

Either way, you should use the messaging (PART 1) to guide you through the editing process.  With the message down, and the footage that relates to the message, any video editing services should be able to put a nice flow together for your final video edit.

Getting the most out of your Holiday Video

Just like any business video marketing project, you should have a clear understanding of what you are going to do with the video after it is done.  But with the short life span of a holiday card, you will want to get the most bang for your buck out of it.  

First and foremost, upload it to YouTube.  YouTube is a ubiquitous and trusted video hosting platform that is device agnostic and does all the technical work for you.  You can then take the YouTube embed code and create a blog post wishing happy holidays to all of your customers and prospects.

After your blog post is up with your video embedded in it, you can use email marketing, social media marketing and all of your employees to get the word out!

As we mentioned, you can do other examples of holiday cards that you can do either DIY, with a video production company, or hiring video editing services.  

Not 100% sure where to get started???  Give us a call or fill out this form to connect with us!  We are here to help!