Here we count the 5 things you must do with video in 2019 to stand out from the crowd and boost your business objectives!

1. Stop thinking about video as a standalone piece of content.

Many of those seeking to produce video content have the mindset that a video is a standalone, one-time piece of content. It’s important to realize how one can leverage a video into many different areas of content marketing. Properly leveraging your video will transform it from an individual piece of content into a tree, or hierarchy of marketing material that spans many uses.NYC Video Production

Before moving forward with this understanding, it’s critical to note that a video should only have one objective. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to spread awareness, increase sales, recruit people, establish thought leadership or something else? Your video should be based around whatever the primary objective is and then leveraged from a content marketing standpoint to reach the widest audience. A great method of determining the objective and scope of your video project is to create a video brief, which will act as your cautious mini guide/blueprint from the moment you determine to shoot a video right to when you finally air said video.

Getting the most out of your video content means not only placing it on your website, but also using it on social media, blogs, email campaigns, video hosting platforms, and other outlets. Starting with a video and spreading its message into many digital marketing areas is what we call a “Video 1st Strategy.” This is by far the most cost-efficient and effective way of utilizing video content in your broader marketing goals. So, get your video made and start thinking about how it can fit into all your other digital marketing techniques with a creative mindset.

2. Use Video for Sales

Video has truly helped sales teams immensely in recent years and now there are more avenues than ever to extend how video is used in this realm. Video for sales will not replace your sales team but will compliment it beautifully if executed properly. Most people have only used video for marketing purposes when there is so much opportunity for sales that goes unrealized.

Sales videos generally have a higher ROI for their reusability and sustainability. They can be the gift that keeps on giving if done well. If you expand your use of video in a strategic way, your sales have a high chance of increasing as your sales team evolves with the technology. So, try to achieve a nice balance between what you currently do with video and what you can expand to in 2019 for your new sales and marketing strategies.

3. Engage your viewers with direct Call-to-Actions and interactive content.

In a digital world where people click on your video as fast as they click away from it, it’s important to think of how to grab the attention of your viewers. Instead of just showing a video, try to interact with those watching. Urge them to join in and invite them to be a part of the video rather than just a bystander.

Of course, this requires some creative critical thinking on your end to accomplish your marketing objective. Perhaps you can direct the viewers’ attention to certain parts of the screen or display interactive content and buttons on the video itself to incentivize action rather than passive viewing.

A great example of interactive video marketing content comes from one of our clients, Innovid. The video below highlights a beautiful way in which customers can interact with a video by placing clickable content that encourages the customers to select the type of coffee they like. This is followed by a call to action directly on the video screen. So, viewers can be drawn in by the video content, engage with buttons on screen for a personalized message, and continue to stay informed all within the video window itself.

There are numerous ways of increasing engagement using these strategies, so it’s important to experiment with everything from on-screen buttons (usually mapped to links through YouTube) to commanding the viewer to do something in a humorous way. Play around with these options and see what works for you!

4. Boost your SEO and Email Marketing Campaigns with Video

Statistics show that video boosts your SEO and email marketing success. For example, videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than their plain text counterparts (Source: Tubular Insights). This has been the case for years and it’s not changing this year! Having well-optimized video content will increase traffic to your website. Moreover, email marketing campaigns that contain video are far more likely to increase click-through rates than email campaigns without video. All this extra traffic leads to more awareness and more sales. So, if you’re already producing video content to boost your SEO and email marketing, keep on going and ramp up! And if you’re not, you’re late to the party!

If you’re new to video SEO, here are a few basic tips on optimizing your video content

  • If you want to drive traffic to your website, don’t upload to YouTube or Vimeo. Either use a different video hosting platform or embed indirectly in your site so it shows up first on Google instead of a YouTube or Vimeo link.
  • Pick an engaging title and description for your video that is keyword-friendly.
  • Use a custom thumbnail that attracts viewers to your video. Don’t use any random frame from the video!
  • Transcribe your video and add captions! The more text you have on the page with your video containing strong keywords the better. This allows search engines to access more relevant information and propel you higher in the SEO ranks.
  • If posting on your website, keep the video the focus of the page! Don’t have your video off to the side or as ancillary content, keep it the highlight so search engines propel it further up the charts.

5. Stand out from the masses with high-quality video content.

Stand out from the masses with high-quality video content. In 2019, almost anyone can produce video. Smartphones are abundant, consumer and prosumer cameras are becoming progressively more affordable, and capturing video is simpler than ever.

However, this means a lot of subpar video content is out there. After all, 87% of online marketers use video content (Source: WordStream). People feel compelled to release video constantly simply for the sake of it since everyone else is pushing out content so quickly. While it’s great to have a steady flow of video content marketing material, it’s critical that you don’t ditch the strategy portion of creating videos. Distinguishing your business, brand, or product as professional is crucial. If you don’t take the necessary steps when producing video to create a professional look and, even more important, a well-tailored message, then you will blend in.

Recall what the the Author Jim Collins wrote in his book Good to Great:

Good is the enemy of great. And that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great.