Gone are the days when a website, a social media page, and some awards are enough for law firms and their attorneys to stand out from the competition. Prospective clients want to understand your experience, your specialization, and your track record now more than ever…and they don’t want to have to read pages and pages of blog posts to do it, therefore legal marketing videos are a way to go! 

When someone goes looking for a lawyer, no doubt it is probably a stressful time.  How is your firm communicating what makes you special? How are you cutting through the competition to stand out and turn a site visitor, who found you on a search or through a referral, into a great client?  

One of the best strategies for building the know, like, and trust factor with a prospective client is by having video content on your website. Videos are a great way to engage with visitors and easily showcase your services. This post will detail the value of website videos for law firms and explore the five types of videos for law firms should have on their website.

legal marketing videos

Videos for Attorneys Builds Trust and Credibility

Building trust and credibility is a key factor for law firms to succeed. One of the benefits of having videos for attorneys on the website is because of its visual and audio engagement. 

Attorney video marketing allows law firms to show their partners’ skill sets and expertise to website visitors, explaining their services while their credibility is on display.  Website visitors will be able to understand the experience of existing clients and the sort of problems, negotiations, or litigation that was addressed. Attorney video marketing that demonstrates the partners, and the firm, as being trustworthy and knowledgeable help build rapport and engender a positive sentiment with prospective clients.

Legal Video Marketing Attracts New Clients

Videos on law firm websites can be highly effective in helping to attract new clients. They provide a chance to convey the firm’s values, approach, and culture to entice visitors. Engaging videos to promote services, showcase community involvement, as well as introduce attorneys, can also convince visitors to reach out. 

Many law firms produce videos about their lawyers introducing their fields of expertise, past successes, and how they can help. The best thing about these videos is that they are evergreen, meaning they are always available for access and can be used over and over and over again. This allows new clients to “meet the lawyers” through a dynamic medium, generating potential new client engagements.

Here’s an example of social media legal marketing video

Thought Leadership Videos Give Confidence to Existing Clients

Creating law firm videos is an excellent way of engaging with existing clients. Great content can provide a human connection with the law firm and build a group of followers. For example, many law firms record videos of their lawyers discussing their legal fields of expertise.

Clients find comfort in knowing that the lawyers have the right experience and continue to sharpen their edge. Putting a face to the brand helps build trust, as clients can put a real person alongside the offered services. 

Having legal marketing video content on your site also offers up an opportunity to help train and educate current customers while delivering key messages effectively. Clients are able to easily access resources that can improve their user experience with your company, giving them confidence in their decision even further. 

Video used in this way is a great strategy for fostering relationships with existing customers.

Shares key messaging in dynamic form

Videos can be a great communication tool that can help law firms share vital messages. Videos provide an immersive and engaging experience that cannot be achieved with written text alone. A video can communicate information quickly and without lengthy legal jargon. 

Additionally, educational content lets visitors understand complicated legal topics in-depth in easy-to-digest visuals. In short, videos have become an invaluable marketing resource for law firms – helping them reach potential clients in new and dynamic ways by sharing key messaging in an easily consumed format.

5 Legal Marketing Videos that Law Firms Need Right Now

Understanding that legal marketing videos generate significant value for law firms and clients alike, it is crucial to understand what types of law firm videos are most effective. A law firm video showing a client testimonial will generate a different response than a video about the firm’s primary expertise. Choosing the right types of legal marketing video content is paramount to getting the best results for your practice.  Here are five types of law firm videos that law firms should be created to put on their website.

Thought Leadership Videos

Thought leadership videos can drive business growth and facilitate conversations with prospective clients. They provide law firms the opportunity to display expertise while addressing legal issues. 

For example, creating a video series detailing current legal trends can highlight the firm’s expertise. This type of video helps promote the firm’s brand while increasing visibility and recognition. 

Thought leadership videos increase a firm’s visibility in search engine results in specific keywords that people go searching for.  In addition, thought leadership videos allow the firm’s lawyers to engage with other professionals, giving audiences an in-depth look at the legal profession. By utilizing thought leadership videos correctly, law firms can establish themselves as trusted advisors for any legal need.

Practice Area Marketing Videos

Practice area marketing videos are becoming necessary for law firms to establish their areas of expertise and the industries that they serve. Practice area marketing videos can help a law firm stand out with visual and auditory detail. 

For instance, a firm specializing in corporate tax could record a promotional video about the subject and all the different ways that the firm supports clients in this area. Ultimately they help with sharing knowledge with the audience while talking about the services provided.

Practice area marketing videos also have other benefits. They help the firm establish brand recognition and increase its visibility in search engine results in general categories. With internet technology and social media continues to grow, videos are becoming increasingly crucial for legal professionals. By creating high-quality videos on topics related to their specialization in the field, law firms can gain clients and set themselves apart from other professionals.

Pro Bono Videos Overview

Many law firms often offer community service that deserves recognition. One approach is sharing an overview of pro bono activities on the website. Pro bono videos can highlight a law firm’s services and commitment to helping the community. 

Examples are legal education videos, litigation updates, and even community outreach initiatives. This pro bono video highlights Debvoise & Plimpton’s lawyers spending over 71,000 hours pro bono and some of their clients talking about their services. The pro bono video emphasizes commitment and compassion to helping others. 

Furthermore, easily accessible content like this demonstrates a firm’s expertise and trustworthiness that initiates client engagements. Overall, investing in pro bono videos will help law firms attract new clients while also doing meaningful work who need help.

Legal Recruiting Videos

Showing devotion to employees is a powerful branding strategy for law firms. Legal recruiting videos explain the recruitment process, the types of training available, and the firm’s values, and highlight how an employee can grow within the firm. 

For example, a legal recruiting video could showcase someone’s journey from associate to partner with tips on skill building, mentorship, and networking. Videos can also be used to communicate expectations. 

A firm should create a series of legal recruiting videos highlighting different aspects of the firm that could be useful for prospective candidates. Having a series of recruitment videos can help law firms create connections with those they recruit and ensure long-term success. One example of a legal recruiting video is how Dechert LLP describes its extensive attorney training program

Attorney and Staff Bio Videos

A law firm’s success often depends on the caliber of its team. Sharing the staff bios through video is an excellent way for visitors to get to know the firm’s partners, associates, and other members of the staff before deciding to work with them. 

These videos establish a connection between lawyers and clients by providing insight into the team’s professional experience, areas of specialty, and personalities. Attorney and staff videos become a valuable asset for marketing purposes, displaying each attorney’s face along with impressive biographies and credentials. 

Videos for Law Firms Put the Firm in Charge of Its Story

Legal marketing videos are a great way to gain an edge in the competitive landscape of law firms. While choosing the best video content for your site can feel daunting, having a thoughtful strategy for which videos to create is critical for a successful result. Videos put the firm, the practice areas, and their partners in charge of their own story and build trust by helping make attorneys into relatable characters and empathize with their potential clients. 

By choosing to add these five types of legal marketing videos to your website you will gain an advantage by engaging prospective clients online. Interested in building your own video portfolio?
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