People in need of legal services are searching online for answers more than ever.  And because everyone in New York City is super busy, they are seeking out and seeking more legal marketing videos and testimonial videos to help themselves get informed.  Thus, in response to this trend, to get new casework opportunities, NYC law firms would benefit from working with a video production company in NYC.  A video production company in NYC  will guide you through the entire law firm video production process, as well as executing on a Video 1st business video marketing strategy, to drive new casework opportunities that will convert into new business.

Recent statistics per a Demand Gen 2020 Content Preferences Study survey, noted that 65% of people preferred watching videos while researching for services they are going to purchase.  And more people use mobile devices to consume content as 63% of mobile traffic is video.

With legal marketing video, NYC law firms can put their partner’s knowledge in front of the camera. And doing so they are building authority among those people searching online for information  No other content is as impactful as legal marketing videos to covert these searchers into new opportunities.

And with the guidance of a video production company in NYC you can create a Video 1st business video marketing strategy as your videos will be the primary content marketing asset for building subject matter expertise, awareness, and converting leads.  In this blog post, we’ll tell you what a Video 1st business video marketing strategy is all about, why it will get you more leads, and make law firm video production and your content marketing more productive.

What is a Video 1st Business Video Marketing Strategy All About?

Online video marketing for law firms works because video is discoverable, shareable, easy to consume, and provides the insightful and personable perspectives that clients are looking for.

Done right, law firm video production provides a high return on investment because you can distribute them across different digital marketing channels.

As mentioned, a Video 1st business video marketing strategy is about using videos as the primary content for building subject matter expertise, awareness, and converting leads. Thus a video production company in NYC that has lots of experience with online video marketing for law firms will be able to guide you to create an optimal law firm video production plan.

online video marketing for law firms

Once you have your videos, you can reuse them to create content in different formats, over and over again. For example, if you do law firm video production to create subject matter expertise videos that answer queries of your prospects, you can repurpose those videos into informative blog posts and emails.  Or if you produce testimonial videos, you can use them in online campaigns and in follow up emails after a discovery call.

Being local to NYC a video production company in NYC will know what an effective law firm video production will look like and be able to tailor a strategy for each firm.

Benefits of Law Firm Video Production

1. Establishes Trust Among Prospective Clients

Online video marketing for law firms brings your partners out in front of your prospective clients and gives a face to your firm. By having your attorneys provide information and insight through voice and facial expressions, you can communicate authority more effectively than with text.

When you’re explaining a new law on video, people are more likely to fully engage with your message, get the information they are looking for and reach out to you because your firm is the one helping them. Also, they will be far more comfortable talking with you early in the onboarding process because they feel like they know the partner more than if they had not watched a video.

By consistently creating informative legal marketing videos, law firms in New York City are forming a perception and building trust among prospects, which forms the base for a long-term relationship.

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2. Better Conversion Rate of Qualified Leads

Many times even qualified leads need to be nurtured until they become clients.  By having a Video 1st business video marketing strategy, you will have videos to answer probable questions and relevant topics of interest.  You can create thought leadership videos and testimonial videos to aid in your lead conversion efforts.

One of other ways to nurture leads is with testimonial videos.  Testimonial videos are a lot more convincing than text testimonials because prospects get to see faces of real people talking about you, vouching for you.

Then when you mix in thought leadership videos, you make a convincing impression on your prospects.  And, when the thoughts resonate with your audience, they’ll keep returning for more. You can have a casual Q&A style interview. Or just share thoughts in a vlog or a talking head style video.

Don’t be worried about not looking your best on camera. When you work with a video production company in NYC they will coach and direct your attorneys. Your partners will look and sound confident when they speak in front of the camera.  Your attorneys and partners are experts in their subject, and on videos, they will look and sound natural.

3. Increased Awareness About Your Law Firm

Videos are among the most shared content types (Source) in our personal and business lives.  Therefore, they are the best content format to create and build awareness. Your audience can share videos across different platforms and with each view and share you grow your audience base and awareness about your firm.

To plan for videos that are shareable, you can create multiple short FAQ videos to showcase subject matter expertise on a particular topic. Or just speak about, and explain naturally, how you tackle different projects.  These are things that prospective clients want to know.

You can also record event videos and share them. Here’s a New York City legal marketing event video as an example.  You can put these videos on YouTube and share on social media.  When you tag people on these posts, thought leaders, attorneys, and other professionals you’re featuring will promote the videos, thus helping you improve awareness.

4. Improved Ranking on Search Engines

If you observe how websites rank in search engine results, you’ll notice that websites with videos get precedence over blogs and other websites with out video.  So, by having an optimized business video marketing strategy, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors. Your content will be among the first to be visible to your prospects.

Since videos are more engaging than text, visitors will spend more time on your site – which is a key ranking factor for search engines in determining how valuable your site is.  So when people spend more  time on your site it will further boost your search engine rankings.

But of course, the video should be relevant to what the people are looking for.

5. High Engagement with Your Audience

Your prospects connect and engage better when you have a series of videos to answer their questions in real-time vs a long list of complicated legal jargon text. It’s because videos offer both auditory and visual experiences. Your clients would rather watch a short video than read through blocks of text.

So you can record multiple step-by-step videos deep-diving into the law or create videos explaining the impact catering to different used cases. Then you can share the behind-the-scenes experience of your office (or home office).

All such videos gather a wider audience than other forms of digital marketing for law firms.

Video production companies in NYC will help law firms in NYC create legal marketing videos that are not limited to a single platform or distribution channel.  With a proper business video marketing strategy right from the beginning, law firms can create many snippets from one video to repurpose an investment in legal video production across different channels in multiple formats.

Thought leadership videos can be turned into blog posts; event videos can be shared as social media clips. Then, company overview videos, client testimonial videos, and subject matter expert videos can be distributed with emails and press releases when suitable.

With an effective strategy for your law firm video production investment, you can get the most ROI of your videos.

Cost-effective Law Firm Video Production in NYC

An investment in law firm video production and legal video marketing will bring you returns for years to come. Legal marketing videos can be used to gain trust, nurture leads, and attract higher engagement. You can reuse and repurpose them multiple times.

If you are a law firm in NYC and haven’t done any law firm video production before, then you should look towards hiring a video production company in NYC to support you. A video production company in NYC will work with you to implement a Video 1st business video marketing strategy to get more leads and convert more paying clients.

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