It’s no secret that video marketing is crucial for many brands today, regardless of the industry. Video production can capture a lot about a company’s voice and image in a short time, and with few resources. But successful video marketing isn’t as simple as recording any old message for your company. 

Every brand has a unique story to tell, and capturing that story requires vision. While video marketing is often important to sell products to the public, B2B companies can also make good use of video. No matter what you’re selling, or who your consumer is, video is often the simplest and most effective way to communicate your message. With that in mind, here are a few big-name companies that are standing out with their video marketing.

Video Marketing Agency’s Best Video Marketing Campaigns

Commercial Observer

Commercial Observer positions itself as “the leading commercial real estate media company.” Of course, they do more than talk the talk. That claim is backed up by the company’s detailed journalism and range of events across North America. But another way they grow their brand and affirm their status is through video marketing. Commercial Observer’s video marketing strategy is similarly bold, yet simplistic once you see it in action.

Take a look at their marketing sizzle reel for one strong example. This video compiles a series of short clips that shows Commercial Observer interviewing big names in NYC real estate and hosting major events in the city. The message is implicit and intriguing: this is a brand that carries respect and authority in New York City real estate. And that is exactly how Commercial Observer wants to be perceived.

Commercial Observer also uses their interview pieces to facilitate their own brand growth. By sharing a detailed explainer video for commercial real estate company Breather, Commercial Observer again positions themselves as a company with a lot of weight in the real estate industry. Their platform is seen as one that real estate companies trust and use to promote their own brand. People watch the video to learn about Breather, and come away curious about the Commercial Observer’s services as well.

Part of this strategy relies on Commercial Observer’s pre-existing authority within their own industry. But this approach to video marketing demonstrates a clear lesson in how to take that next step toward continued growth after your brand has found initial success.


WellSky, formerly known as Healthify is a company with noble goals and a clear vision. As a social care coordinator, this company’s aim is to connect healthcare networks and communities with a broader range of social care services. As a B2B company, WellSky’s target audience is healthcare payers and community leaders. So how do they approach video marketing? By detailing the many ways in which their network benefits everyone: from patients, to their communities, to healthcare providers themselves.

WellSky has produced a number of videos in different formats to get their messages across. It is something we can all take a lesson from. A powerful explainer video, for example, can be extremely effective with the right service. Healthcare and social solutions coordinator WellSky understands this and makes effective use of video marketing accordingly. 

WellSky’s strategy is not simply to provide a demonstration of their platform in action. In this video, everything is prefaced by a strong message that outlines the necessity of their services: helping to coordinate and provide access to things like healthcare, childcare, food, and housing.

WellSky’s video marketing strategy illustrates the value of capturing a strong message for your brand and not diverting from it. WellSky’s message then feeds into their product demonstration, helping to contextualize its benefits for the viewer.


Innovid is a growing company that specializes in online advertising technology. You might think a company that’s in advertising would have a leg up when it comes to crafting its own marketing strategy. But advertising for an advertising service can actually be quite tricky. How does Innovid tackle this problem?

Innovid takes a “show, don’t tell” approach to their video marketing, and the results are strong. Rather than feeling pressured to explain what makes their services so great, Innovid takes the more confident (and effective) approach of demonstrating their craft.

Take this promotional video for example. Innovid uses slick graphic design and minimal text to highlight all the ways in which their services can help businesses keep up in the ever-changing world of digital advertising. Innovid’s approach to video marketing takes full advantage of the medium by delivering their message quickly and effectively. What more could you want from a company that works in advertising? Read more – promotional video

Societe Generale

As an international corporate banking entity, Societe Generale has its own set of advertising challenges to deal with. How do you create a compelling message for other bankers and large corporations to convince them to work with you?

One way to do it is with an in-depth presentation video. In this marketing video, SocGen starts broad and gradually narrows down the scope before ending with some of their own corporate highlights and major projects. The video starts by drawing the audience into the world of corporate investment banking, and slowly builds to a strong message about the value of working with Societe Generale in particular. 

In another instance, SocGen uses video as a recruitment tool. In it, SocGen tells the exciting story of its many young employees and the role they play in the company. This video again starts with a wide focus and quickly fills the viewer in on the potential that comes with working for the company. As a recruitment marketing video, this positions SocGen as an exciting and promising place to begin a career in finances. And, according to the company’s stated goals in the video itself, that is exactly what they want. SocGen uses the video format to show their work culture as a vibrant, energetic space that values the contributions of young talent.

Whether they are positioning themselves as financial leaders or expanding their own workforce, SocGen’s video marketing strategy shows the power of storytelling in video advertising.

Corporate Video Production NYC

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