The 2014 YouTube Rewind video has garnered over 24 MILLION views and engagement of over 550,000 in just two days*.

Now what does this YouTube video marketing effort mean for your business-to-business (B2B) professional services company or a company that sells a product, technology or other product or service that goes through a B2B sales process?

Many things, but here are two –
#1) Behavior of watching online video productions in our personal lives is increasing and translating into our business lives
#2) Video has become the most engaging form of communications for marketing purposes and is an increasingly important piece of the online B2B marketing mix.

So check out the 2014 YouTube Rewind online video production and comment below and let us know what you think.

For those people that still think that “video is too expensive”, think about how it can become a marketing investment to improve your metrics up and down the funnel.  Because most B2B service companies’ primary problem is generating leads, here are a few metrics The Aberdeen Group’s amazing research report called Analyzing the ROI of Video Marketing (click here to get the report)

  • Best in class conversion of a website with video is 7.6% vs 2.6% for a website that does not have video
  • Video gives you a higher conversion rate so that you can generate 37% fewer unique site visits to produce the same results.​
  • Video reduces the average cost of a qualified lead as $93 with video vs $115 without video

Some may look at the online video for business as a large investment, but taking a look at what it can return for you in terms of marketing communication goals and market differentiation makes it one of the smartest investments a company can make.  Click here if you like to get some ideas on a business video content marketing strategy a commitment free discussion about what your online business video marketing strategy might look like.

* The 2014 YouTube Rewind Video production was launched on Dec 9, 2014, the launch of this post is Dec 11, 2014.